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Landscape Designers in Coimbatore

BuilDTecH Landscape Designers in Coimbatore – Landscape Design is a practice by Landscape Designers who design and combine nature and culture with bridging landscape architecture and garden design. Landscape Design mainly focuses on landscape planning that includes aesthetic garden design and artistic composition of a horticulture environment.

Landscape designers often joint hands with landscape Planners, Architects, and Civil Engineers. BuilDTecH Landscape Designers in Coimbatore research, collect creative ideas, and develop a plan to start landscaping. Also, we give first preference to the clients. Apart from considering the clients’ wishes and needs when planning and designing, we take into account relevant factors such as the area’s climate, topography, type of soil, lighting, furnishings, and other construction details in compliance with building codes.

BuilDTecH Landscape Designers take a better step to plan a landscape for a successful landscape garden design. Besides, we have plenty of ideas, patterns, and tips to help the clients own perfect landscape design.

Turning the ideas into stunning visuals:

The landscape design includes natural elements as well as artificial elements such as flowers, trees, and grass and man-made fountains, lawn furniture, lighting, etc. respectively.

A important point to note, we produce Landscape Design primarily for outdoor area gardens for home or business area. It is also sometimes used for outdoor events with some beautiful decorations.

BuilDTecH Landscape Designers in Coimbatore first outline the landscape plan with scaled dimensions. This is the fundamental outline we draw and gradually we add suitable natural and artificial landscape elements. We ensure that the color scheme we use for the elements perfectly matches. Also, if it needs, we use ground-cover in some particular areas to fill in.

BuilDTecH Landscape Designers in Coimbatore

BuilDTecH Landscape Designers create and prepare landscape designs and models in our laboratory for residential and commercial buildings, parks, and outer spaces. And to ensure that the design is implemented in harmony with the plan, we make a regular site visit.

BuilDTecH Architects and Landscape Designers in Coimbatore work together in analyzing the owner’s needs and incorporate their ideas with ours to bring about the ideal design that the client wants. We offer the end-users the preview to visualize the landscape after the project completion. Moreover, we confirm the calculations of landscape size and scale are accurate before the construction, plant and flower installation, and other decorative things.

We have a great architectural interest in gardening and planting attractively. Furthermore, we create landscape designs that create an excellent visual feel of the site with appropriate dimensions. Find the best landscape design ideas from BuilDTecH Architects and Landscape designers to make your place amazing and relaxing.





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Urban Designers in Coimbatore

Urban Designers in Coimbatore – Urban Design is the art of shaping a group of buildings, public space, providing transportation services, and modern amenities. It is a process of presenting attractively-shaped cities, towns, and neighborhoods. Above all, the main purpose of Urban Design is to create a beautiful, functional, sustainable urban environment.

Moreover, it mainly deals with the erection of groups of buildings. Development of the city’s streets and infrastructure such as transport and power supply services. And the creation of public spaces such as leisure centers, parks, schools, hospitals, and so on. Apart from that, BuilDTecH Urban Designers in Coimbatore, with the intention of improving the welfare of the people, make the features of cities, towns, villages into a beautiful, distinctive shape.

An important point to remember, the urban design draws its procedures and elements from architecture, landscape design, and other professions. Furthermore, BuilDTecH Urban Designers achieve a better Urban Design Solution by applying a modern style of architecture. Our leading professionals combine together the profound knowledge, the latest trends, and innovative style and put them together to bring out lively designs and great places with the best practice.

BuilDTecH Urban Designers in Coimbatore

When we plan the urban design, we take these elements into consideration:

  • The city’s physical features and aesthetics.
  • Procession of the integration of nature in the city with the goal of improving the friendly relationship between people and nature.
  • Taking into account the streets and pedestrian zones.
  • The easy accessibility of safe transportation services.
  • Facilitation of proper maintenance in the future.
  • Allocation of the spaces for schools, institutions, hospitals, children’s parks, sport, and leisure centers among many.

BuilDTecH Urban Designers in Coimbatore work towards transforming the conceptions of the social relationship between people and nature into a more elegant and practical way.

BuilDTecH Urban Designers in Coimbatore: What we do concerning the Urban Design 

We study the building place and develop it for future use. Before deciding to plan and design, we ensure that the specified land is safe and convenient for residents.

BuilDTecH Urban Designers and Planners develop detailed cost estimation on the projects. In addition, we complete the project within the scheduled time.

We have a passion for architecture and built-environment and form a beautiful picture of innovative designs. As Urban Designers, we create aesthetically pleasing buildings, landscapes, public places, streets, neighborhoods, etc. Besides, our role in Urban Design encourages sustainable development.

Having graphic skills, we make detailed working documents that include the end user’s vision. Also, the working documents are created in our lab with modern software such as BIM Revit. 

We listen to clients and understand their needs. And according to their requirement, we aim to design every space through an in-depth analysis of environment, social and economic factors as well as residents’ psychological factors.

BuilDTecH Urban Designers in Coimbatore cover the main subjects when designing Urban Design such as Architecture, Civil Engineering, Built-environment, Urban Planning, Geography, Construction Management, Economics, and Human Psychology.

Our Great Skills in Designing Urban Design

BuilDTecH Urban Designers in Coimbatore:

  • Design skills in shaping the built environment.
  • Able to work on physically and technically complex projects with technical and creative skills.
  • Analytical skills for safe and functional buildings.
  • Practical approach towards technical issues.
  • Effective communication with professionals and clients.
  • Excellent organization and management skills to meet deadlines.
  • Good estimation of materials and whole project budget.
  • Learning the latest technological software and gaining up-to-date information on the building design field.

BuilDTecH Urban Design Experts

BuilDTecH Urban Designers in Coimbatore work with other professionals such as architects, landscape architects, and urban planners to reshape the future with ensuring the distribution of goods and meeting the requirements of all residents. Since the Urban Design is a highly skilled profession, a person who has been appointed to design must have previous work experience and be skillful in designing. Additionally, BuilDTecH Architects and Urban Designers are here to help you achieve elegant designs. Get the best designs from one of India’s most successful Architects – BuilDTecH Architects.






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Building Elevations in Coimbatore

BT 3D Building Elevations in Coimbatore – BT Architects offer Building consultancy and smart techniques on how to keep your house look trendy with a unique appearance. Our Elevation Designs are striking and make the property dazzlingly beautiful.

When planning a new house, Building Elevation is important to have the idea of how the house looks like from outside. And what the house will be like after the completion. Drawing elevations, whether they are front exterior elevations or interior elevations, facilitates the end-users to make changes in harmony with their ideas and wishes.

One of our main responsibilities is that we produce building elevations and they can be easily maintained. In addition to that, BT Architects always choose the elevations to be distinctive with exclusive style and shape, bringing out the loveliness in architecture. We give the ideal finishing touch to the construction with the precise dimensions of doors and windows. The colors of the doors and windows are in perfect harmony with the color scheme of walls and ceiling.

The combination of colors, selection of materials, lighting, the arrangement of furniture, and other devices in the house reflect your taste and personality. To achieve all of these, a person must need a professional and authentic architect. So, we, BT Architects in Coimbatore, are here to help you with 3D Building Front Exterior Elevation and Interior Elevation which create the first impression on the dwellers as well as the passers-by. Furthermore, it creates self-confidence in the end-users and they are content with being inside the house. 

Exquisite 3D Building Elevations in Coimbatore

BT 3D Building Elevations in Coimbatore

BT Architects draw and bring before the clients the multiple house elevations for the same building. So, it offers different options from which they can choose one of them that meet their requirements. The elevations play a major role in architecture. So, we, with our expertise and experience, provide the best artistic building elevations in Coimbatore, India and across the world.

The combination of colors, selection of materials, lighting, the arrangement of furniture, and other devices in the house reflect your taste and personality. To achieve all of these, a person must need a professional and authentic architect. So, we, BT Architects in Coimbatore, are here to help you with 3D Building Front Exterior Elevation and Interior Elevation which create the first impression on the dwellers as well as the passers-by. Furthermore, it creates self-confidence in the end-users and they are content with being inside the house. 

We draft the front elevations of the house that have an overwhelming impression on the public. The front wall design with the perfect color combination enormously pleases to the eye. With making many decisions on architectural elevations, we make the front of the house to uniquely stand out.

Offering Excellent Service

BT 3D Front Elevations in Coimbatore

Front elevation, also known as Entry Elevation, is architectural drawings that show a building’s front exterior appearance. It is a front view of the house that is seen from the center spot. Not to mention, it is a scenic view that features fins, ducts, pergolas, cladding materials, parapet design, sunshades, vertical shades, and so on. Also, we suggest in the working document the environmentally-friendly exterior materials that can be easily installed and maintained. 

BT Grant Exterior Elevations in Coimbatore – Exterior elevations show different angles and exterior finishes of the building. We develop the various sides of the building elevation. BT Architects’ grand exterior designs inspire a tremendous sense of awe to the clients and the public. With the creative ideas and strategies, we decorate the elevation more elegant with the right position of columns. We do all of these following the rules and regulations of the local bodies. Our elevation designs are elegant and stylish. Besides, our designs welcome natural light into the house which leads the households to a healthy and active lifestyle.

BT Interior Elevations in Coimbatore – Interior Elevation shows how the floors and rooms are designed. It shows all the furniture and fixture within the finished walls. Moreover, it includes wall finishes, electrical and plumbing outlets, shelves, etc. Keeping in the mind the sustainability, we include Eco-friendly features such as Eco-friendly materials and furniture in the rooms with the addition of safety and security of the people living, working, and learning inside.

BT Architects in Coimbatore

BT Architects draw and execute 3D Building Elevations in Coimbatore such as Front Elevation, Side Elevation, Exterior Elevation, and Interior Elevation for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Contact us for stunning 3D Building elevations and Designs.



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Structural Engineers in Coimbatore

Structural Engineers in Coimbatore perform complex structural design processes, which consists of the formulation of structural illustrations, for large scale as well as small scale buildings. We are primarily concerned with coming up with building structures that, with the exact calculations, are capable of withstanding the dead loads and live loads and external forces such as wind and earthquake. We take on responsibility for safety, stability, and functionality.

BT Structural Engineers in Coimbatore draft computer-generated structural models considering the project size and needs in compliance with safety standards. We deal with the end-users with the preliminary sketches of structural designs and explain them with effective communication. If it needs any change in the design, we review and create reports based on the consideration of the clients and provide the modified designs. Producing different models and patterns of structural design for a single project is one of our main tasks. So, it facilitates the end-users to choose one of them that fits their requirement of size and budget. We often collaborate with other professionals such as architects, HVAP Consultants, Electrical Consultants, Plumbing Consultants, and Civil Engineers for the betterment of the project.

We are full of determination to succeed in bringing the harm-free building structures with gaining the latest information on building construction. Besides, we make a successful attempt to solve technical problems by either making a visit to the construction site with the client in the presence of other engineers and designers or communicating via virtual conference. The important point to remember, BT Structural Engineers in Coimbatore carefully select structural materials to meet the quality of rigid structures.

Dynamic Structural Engineers in Coimbatore

Having uniqueness in bringing up durable structural designs, we have won the hearts of the clients in Coimbatore, India and overseas. We believe that it is most important to meet the clients’ needs. Therefore, BT Structural Engineers in Coimbatore provide technical advice and consultation on building structures. A wealth of professional experience in the structural engineering field is displayed in the buildings we design.


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BT Interior Designers in Coimbatore

BT Interior Designers in Coimbatore apply the knowledge, they have acquired through the years of experience, of the current trend of interior design, interior decoration products, materials and finishes, and advanced techniques and effective strategies for exceptional designs. With detailed study and analysis combined with great creativity, BT Interior Designers design Interiors of the house to fit the clients’ wishes and needs.

BT Interior Designers efficiently utilize the building space. Apart from that, we greatly improve the existing space by developing and adding the modern elements of the design.

Inspiring BT Interior Designers in Coimbatore

We properly conduct a preliminary study to plan the needs of the interior design. BT Interior Designers in Coimbatore draw up interior design working details which mainly consist of design specifications. Also, we ensure that the design meets the requirements of design codes and standards.

We evaluate the project and prepare cost estimation and seek the approval of the client. Moreover, we choose the appropriate color scheme, furniture and fixture, lighting system, decorative items, and design materials. Our Structural Designs are easily maintained. We provide extensive Consultation on Interior Design. Also, we meet all the criteria pertaining to the development of interior design.

The team of BT Interior Designers in Coimbatore has the ability to complete the project within the specified time with expert supervision. Not to mention, we clearly communicate our ideas to the end-users through the BIM Software. Most importantly, by design innovation and a variety of styles, we are capable of carrying out small scale and large scale residential and commercial interior design projects successfully.

Excellent Service

Interior Design not only makes the space look aesthetic but improves the interior environment and functionality as well as provides flexibility.

BT Interior Designers in Coimbatore offer professional interior design services in India and abroad. Furthermore, our role in interior design extends to providing valuable advice for the safety of the occupants who live, work, learn, and relax inside the building we design.

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BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore

BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore design and construct eye-catching high performance residential and commercial building projects. We are unequivocally identified by ultra-modern architecture and unique sustainable architecture designs. Best of all, we apply extensive professional knowledge of architecture design to transform our creative architecture ideas into an artistic building in harmony with the clients’ wishes and financial resources.

BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore excel at creating excellent designs, discovering sustainability, and communicating through graphic design drawings with BIM Software which attracts many clients.

Our style of leadership in the role of organizing and managing is distinctive. We form a trusting relationship with the end-users. We receive positive and favorable feedback from the clients. This, as a result, makes us more important in terms of planning and designing their dream house. When it comes to technical glitches, we keep them in perspective and work out an effective solution.

BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore are qualified Architects with wide experience in the design field. We have a keen interest in developing exquisite designs and in coming up with next-level design strategies. Besides, our innovative attitude develops inspiring architecture designs with a complete understanding of building structure and science.

The passionate team of BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore

Our mission is to enhance urban and rural livability by planning living and workspace which has little effect on the natural environment as well as interior setting. To ensure the design is being implemented according to the intended plan, we make a regular observation in the construction. Apart from that, we procure non-toxic building material of high standard for high energy performance which results in efficiency, durability, and comfort.

BuilDTecH Architects is one of the fastest-growing architecture firms. Moreover, our dedication and commitment to providing Architecture Design are awe-inspiring among end-users in Coimbatore and across the world. Our work standard always appears to be excellent. Above all, BuilDTecH Architects Experts in Coimbatore are reputed for award-winning construction projects and development.

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Space Planning in Coimbatore

BuilDTecH Space Planning in Coimbatore – Before developing a new construction project or any modification to the existing building, Space Planning process is a vital part of building design to decide how space can be best used. BuilDTecH Space Planners consider many factors, since space planning is a complex process, to plan a space and accommodate the people in those planned spaces.

BuilDTecH Space Planning in Coimbatore improves the well-being of the occupants by utilizing every room’s space in the building. We meet the client and discuss the requirements of space planning and get clarified before actual execution. We carry out the Space Planning process with the use of Building Information Modeling Software.

BuilDTecH Smart Space Planners in Coimbatore

BuilDTecH Space Planners, at the very beginning of planning spaces, perform an in-depth analysis which we think is most important to meet the essential requirement of Space Planning as well as the end-user.

Proper Consideration of Space Planning

We keep in mind many factors while Space-Planning:

We consider the function of the space. In what manner space can be designed. And access to outer spaces such as garden and patio. We study which space should be adjacent to another and partition the space which can be partitioned following the end user’s requirement. Plus, we think of the family size and the individual needs and activities.

Estimation of the project cost is provided. BuilDTecH Space Planners not only plan the space but describe the use of the space in the document. Moreover, we study where will be a suitable position for the windows and doors and set them up accordingly. We plan human flow and wastage and passage area in the best possible way. And we include easy access in our space planning for people with disabilities.

We consider the furniture arrangement and natural ventilation while space planning. Most importantly, BuilDTecH Space Planners think about the safety and security system such as fire alarms, surveillance devices, etc. In addition to that, we take care of complete privacy.

Furthermore, we take into account, when Space Planning, the lighting system, color combinations, noise control, and building services like MEP to avoid any possibility of future modifications.

These are the information that we gather at the very beginning of the Space-Planning. So, the collected information facilitates an efficient workflow. And thus, we fulfill all of the above-mentioned requirements for sustainable design. With all of these factors in mind, we start the actual process of Space Planning.

Effective Implementation of Space Planning in Coimbatore

The further process includes the working details and revision of the working details with the concerned client. The client verifies the design and ensures that it is suitable to his/her environment. If there is any improvement, we step in and develop it by refining the working documents with the addition of more details. Importantly, we ensure that the design complies with the building codes and regulations.

BuilDTecH Space Planners

We fully assess the clients’ requirements and satisfy the specific needs because a successful design is derived from being responsive to the wishes of the user. We allocate time. Within that specific time, we complete the whole project. Apart from that, we draft out a list of considerations such as individual benefits from the design and budget of the project. BuilDTecH Space Planning in Coimbatore firm has the best and experienced space planners. Our professional space planners work together and review the project over and over again to provide a better space planning solution in the city Coimbatore and India as well as other countries. Get in touch with us for further information and Space Planning in a utilizable way.


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BuilDTecH Architecture Design, Interior Design & Structural Design

Fabulous Architecture Design

BuilDTecH Architects – Architecture Design, Interior Design, and Structural Design services:

Architecture design shapes the buildings and gives life to them. BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore is dedicated to producing extraordinary architecture design to better the world. We generate artistic designs having a deep understanding of the current trend and style. Our designs make people feel luxurious. Indeed, BuilDTecH Architects’ creation of architecture design improves people’s lifestyles across the world.

Our team of Architects conducts in-depth research to discover new ways of designing and creating environmentally sustainable architecture. Moreover, our responsibility is to bring the world the grandeur of Architecture and protect the natural setting by generating Eco-friendly designs that have little harm to the environment. Above all, we are clearly intent on meeting the clients’ needs and serving them well.

Our inspiration comes from the passion and experience we gained through the years to produce uniquely each design and make the clients put their confidence in us for stylish architecture designs.

Our brilliant and clever ideas are converted into a lively living space. We closely collaborate with the clients to create ideal opportunities to develop their imagination and vision about their house. Furthermore, BuilDTecH Architects always remain focused on presenting highly distinctive architectural designs. For proper consultation on Architecture Designs, contact us.

Delightful Interior Design

BuilDTecH Architects offer Interior Design, Architecture Design, and Structural Design services:

Interior design has architectural charms. BuilDTecH Interior Designers design the interiors of the house for the humans comfortably flow and work. We provide stunning interior designs for residential and commercial buildings. The elements that give life to the interior design are lighting design, the combination of colors, the arrangement of furniture, and the set-up of false ceiling and wall paneling. To be specific, lighting design plays an important role in interior design because a properly designed lighting system creates a cheerful mood for the dwellers. Plus, it makes the room brighter and larger.

False ceiling and wall paneling are installed to damper the process of heat entering the building. The beautiful design of furniture and their suitable arrangement make the space look elegant. Other decorative elements such as mirrors, vases, wall coatings, artwork, etc., in apt places provides a great finish.

Our process from the formulation of the concept to the completion of interior design:

First, BuilDTecH Interior Designers come up with the concept of interior design for a building. The overall design shows how space will look like. When designing, we keep in mind the size of the space, climate, and environment. Second, we show the design to the client. He/she ensure that it is designed according to their expectation and the design is safe and functional. Third, we immediately start the further process to execute it on time. With the help of BIM Revit Software, we visualize every space in the house for better clarification.

Solid Structural Design

BuilDTecH Architects offer Structural Design, Architecture Design, and Interior Design services:

Structural design is all about analysis of the structure to bear and convey the loads. The structural designer carries out the research and performs the structural analysis to ensure that the applied loads do not affect the structures. The analysis consists of calculating dead loads, live loads, and external forces such as wind and earthquake. Also, he ensures that the design meets all the building codes and safety rules. Finally, the designer starts the construction process with the procurement of structural materials and equipment.

BuilDTecH Structural Designers provide structural engineering services for residential, commercial as well as large scale industrial projects across India and abroad. We produce high-quality structural designs based on scientific fact with the use of advanced building tools like BIM software. Contact us for further information.

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Space Planning in Coimbatore

BuilDTecH Space Planning in Coimbatore – Our idea is mainly drawn from the profound knowledge in Space Planning to promote effective and successful space planning strategies. Besides, we always seek the optimal solution to meet the needs of space planning.

Space Planning is important and people need to have it when they decide to build a new building whether it is residential or commercial.

Creative Space Planning in Coimbatore

BuilDTecH Space Planners considers many factors, since space planning is a complex process, to plan the space in the buildings. Space planning involves several categories. It is about how space can be used and how the movement of the people will be. Moreover, it includes the arrangement of furniture, set-up of natural lighting and ventilation, and other household equipment with Vasthu compliance.

BuilDTecH Space Planners regularly update their knowledge of space planning to provide a better solution for it. We ensure that the design is functional and satisfies clients as well as fulfills their dreams. Our professional experience in creating ideal designs distinguishes us from others.

BuilDTecH Space Planners

BuilDTecH Space Planning in Coimbatore – What we keep in mind when Space-Planning:

Before actual execution, BuilDTecH Space Planners visualize your dream project. The design innovation occurs in our lab. And we create grand and elegant exterior elevations. We guarantee that our projects are economical ones. For the safety of the project, we take care of the safety aspects of the designs. It should be noted that we integrate modern technology in all the fields – Architectural Design, Interior Design, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Project Management. Our space planning methods comply with Vasthu and Manai Adi.

BuilDTecH Space Planners utilize the passage and wastage area in the best possible way. We perform a systematic and in-depth cost analysis on Interior Design, Structural Design, and Exterior Elevation. We come up with creatively planned flooring, embellished ceiling and wall paneling, bright and soft lighting system that creates amiable mood, provision of adequate and natural ventilation, heat rays and waves prevention system, and producing storage space design. Apart from that, we draw up furniture design, the arrangement of furniture, and the uninterrupted human flow design.

BuilDTecH Space Planners choose the beautiful form of decoration for different rooms in the house. Plus, we combine the right kind of colors for each room in the house. We consider MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) and acoustic design when Space-Planning to avoid any alterations in the future. And last but not least, BuilDTecH Space Planners draw up highly user-friendly documents, i.e. drawings with BIM Revit Software.

The Engineering Firm in Coimbatore

The firm, BuilDTecH Space Planning in Coimbatore, is established in 1995. We offer Space Planning design and Space Planning Consultation services across the city Coimbatore and all over India as well as overseas. We mainly work toward customer satisfaction. Furthermore, we always collaboratively work with clients for producing impeccable design solutions.

When the problems in space planning become complex on-site, we reach the site and personally look into the matter and work toward a complete solution. In addition to that, we start the problem-solving process to seek clarifications for technical problems. Our practical approach in addressing the issues is helpful in most cases to bring them up in manageable ways and clear them up completely.

Also, we take great responsibility for construction, cost, and time management. We carry out judicious project management and practice on real estimation and cost cut down exercise.

BuilDTecH Architects associated with BuilDTecH Space Planners provide many construction services – Architecture Design, Interior Design, Structural Design, Landscape Design, MEP Design, Maser Planning, Civil Engineering Services, and Project Management. You may get in touch with us for detailed information on building construction and complete solution to construction-related issues. We are here to help you.

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BuilDTecH Architecture Design / Interior Design / Structural Design

Architecture Design

BuilDTecH Architects firm provides Architecture Design, Interior Design, and Structural Design services:

Architecture design gives a building shape and form. BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore is a dedicated firm to generate artistic architecture designs to get a better future for our clients. Through in-depth research, we introduce innovative designs. Best of all, we improve the lifestyle of the people across the world by advancing our way of approach towards creating designs.

BuilDTecH Architects are devoted to explore and invent a sustainable environment. And we deem that it is our responsibility to make a better world. Having a real insight about the architecture design, we present designs in harmonious with clients’ requirements and meet their expectations.

Our architects’ unlimited thinking and research lead to exciting discoveries about effective strategies to serve the world by delivering extraordinary designs. Indeed, BuilDTecH Architects chisel clients’ ideas and vision to beautiful living. The designs we created stunningly reflect us.

Moreover, our passion and experience in the field of architecture drive us to create each project differently and make the clients entrust us for better and fashionable architecture designs.

Our marvelous and valuable ideas become a bright living space. And our ideas collaborated with the clients’ open a way for them to obtain an opportunity to shape his/her imagination. Most importantly, we always stay focusing on offering excellent architecture designs. Meet our team for a consultation.

Interior Design

BuilDTecH Architects firm provides Architecture Design, Interior Design, and Structural Design services:

Interior design is produced for human use and architectural characters are uncovered in it.

BuilDTecH Interior Designers provide innovative residential as well as commercial interior designs. Interior Design also consists of lighting design and plumbing design. Lighting plays a vital role in interior design. The reason is that it creates an amiable mood in the space and thus to inhabitants of the house. To reduce the heat entering the building, false ceiling and wall paneling are set up. We design and do furniture and fixture and their arrangement suitably in the house or workplace, respectively. And finally, interior decorative items such as vases, mirrors, beautiful wall coatings, and artwork are placed in the appropriate places.

BuilDTecH Interior Designers first formulate a clear concept of overall interior design – how the design should look like for a particular building considering the building space, climate, and the surrounding. Second, we present the design to the client and he/she reviews it if it is in harmony with his/her expectations and it meets his/her requirements. And he/she ensures that the interior design is safe, functional, not to mention, environmentally friendly and approves it to start the process. Finally, following the client’s approval, BuilDTecH Interior Designers begin the further activities. 

Structural Design

BuilDTecH Architects firm provides Architecture Design, Interior Design, and Structural Design services:

Structural design analyses a structure whether it is sufficiently strong to bear and transfer the loads. In fact, structural designer conducts the structural analysis to determine if the applied loads affect the structures and verifies the structural design is safe and functional. Plus, the designer calculates dead load and live load and external forces. Then, with the appropriate materials and structural equipment, the construction process starts to satisfy all the requirements.

BuilDTecH Structural Designers offer structural engineering consulting services for residential, commercial projects as well as industrial buildings all across India and overseas. We have successfully led the customers to a better and bright future. Also, we closely work together with architects to develop a strong and firm structure.

BuilDTecH Structural Designers come up with robust ideas to generate durable high-quality structural designs with extensive expertise and profound knowledge in the designing field. We work out innovative solutions to technical glitches that detain the construction process temporarily. Furthermore, we make use of technologically advanced tools like BIM Revit Software to achieve a better structural solution. And we enormously contribute to the preservation of the Eco-system. Last, we have our presence with every construction stage from conceptual planning to the completion of the project. Contact us for more details.