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Architecture Engineers in Coimbatore – Architectural Engineering, also known as Building Engineering, is an engineering subject. It mainly deals with technologically developed features and multi-disciplinary methods to designing, planning, building, and functioning of constructions. Architecture Engineering is different from Architecture. Architecture is an artistic expression of design. On the other hand, Architecture Engineering is an engineering field that uses art and design. In general, we all need homes and buildings where we can dwell, work, learn, get hospitalized, etc. BuilDTecH Architecture Engineers in Coimbatore learn new strategies every day to create sustainable building designs, not to mention, healthy and structurally durable buildings.

BuilDTecH Architecture Engineers in Coimbatore

Architecture Engineering unites all aspects of building construction and design. It includes mechanical, electrical, and structural calculations and drawings. BuilDTecH Architecture Engineers in Coimbatore follow the engineering principles in the planning, designing, and construction of the buildings. We make use of state-of-the-art technology in the field of architectural engineering.

As we already know there are various engineering fields like mechanical, electrical, plumbing, structural, civil, lighting, acoustic engineering, and more. BuilDTecH Architecture Engineers in Coimbatore focus on all these engineering fields to ensure the structural integrity, analysis of heating, mechanical design and function of the equipment and devices, plumbing and its efficiency, air conditioning and ventilation system, design of electrical and fire protection system, lighting design and acoustic planning, and construction management.

What BuilDTecH Architecture Engineers in Coimbatore Do

BuilDTecH Architecture Engineers create the design that reduces greenhouse gas emission, construction of durable buildings, and more. We apply advanced scientific knowledge and innovative technology to the planning and designing of the buildings. Our methodology is to make buildings that are sustainable with Advanced Architecture Engineering Technology.

Our main goal is to design and build high-performance constructions that are robust, sustainable. And also, our designs are healthy and economically viable. We set these goals and design by applying theoretical and practical knowledge. Combining scientific theories of mechanical, electrical, structural, lighting, acoustic, BuilDTecH Architecture Engineers in Coimbatore conceptualize, design, construct, activate, and maintain the building projects, applying the architecture engineering expertise. The BuilDTecH Team of Architecture Engineering is creative. Our engineers, with essential training and extensive expertise, bring out creativity before you. Experience the comfort and luxury in your space from the first-class design innovators.

Our Work As Follows

  • Space Planning.
  • Planning passage and wastage area in an effective way.
  • Furniture design and its arrangement.
  • The scheme of human movement.
  • Ventilation and aeration system. We offer natural and artificial ventilation design which prevents heat rays effectively from entering.
  • We create every architecture and interior design with safety features.
  • Advanced style interior and exterior designs.
  • Visualizing your project before completion.
  • One of our important duties is to incorporate your ideas and wishes into the building design.
  • We integrate state-of-the-art technology in all the fields like Architecture, Interior Design, Structural Design, Exterior Design, Project Management, and all the Engineering areas.
  • Cost estimation on Interior Design, Structural Design, Exterior Design, and MEP.
  • An important point to note, we provide BIM-based working documents and PMC.
  • Your building project with us is economically viable.
  • Making use of high-performance tools like BIM Revit, we provide user-friendly working details.
  • HVAC Design. (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system).
  • MEP Design (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing).
  • Lighting and Acoustic Design with safety features included.
  • Creative flooring, wall paneling, ceiling, and ducting design.
  • Color combination plan.
  • Cost, time, and construction management.
  • Effective project management.
  • Real estimation and real-time estimation.
  • Cost-cut-down method.
  • Consultation Services.

Call us immediately to chat with our expert team and get good counseling from the world’s best Architects and Designers. We are here to lead you in the right way to achieve success.