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Construction Management

Construction Management is a method of managing and organizing construction projects. BuilDTecH Project Construction Managers in Coimbatore, using multiple tools and management skills, organize, scope, cost, time, operation, quality, etc. over the entire project cycle. Our attitude in the construction industry is broader. And Construction Management works together with various specialties throughout the project phases from architecture and engineering disciplines to urban design and planning.

Construction Management is a highly planned endeavor for both small residency and big commercial buildings. Moreover, they need to be precisely coordinated since they have a lot of moving elements and people. Construction Management has phases, like other projects, from the planning and designing of the project to the completion.

Types of Construction Projects

There are many types of construction projects. The types depend on various construction sectors. Residential and Commercial projects are two kinds of Building Construction Projects. The types of Construction Projects as follows:

  • Residential building.
  • Building Renovation.
  • Industrial Construction.
  • Commercial building projects.
  • Institutional Construction.
  • Engineering construction.

Every construction to be successful requires Construction Management. BuilDTecH Project Management Experts successfully manage the construction projects from the beginning to the end. Furthermore, we ensure, while managing the projects, that the sound management, safety on-site, and success of the construction.

BuilDTecH Construction Managers

BuilDTecH Project Managers run Construction Management which requires great leadership and organization skills. Besides, our tasks extend to planning, estimation, supervision, and coordination of the project.

BuilDTecH Project Construction Managers’ Responsible

We carefully draw up the budget and estimate the cost of the project. To complete the project, we prepare a schedule and timetable for the work we are to carry on. Following the schedule and work timetable, we nicely manage work orders. An important point to notice, our efficient management team, in the process of the construction, analyzes which technique, methods, and strategies, work out and suitable for the project. And we apply them to properly organize, manage, and supervise construction projects. Our managers are well trained to communicate with the clients on the budget and progress of the construction. Additionally, we direct the workers to properly implement the design and friendly speak with them on how to dutifully follow the instructions. And importantly, we work in compliance with building codes and regulations.

BuilDTecH Construction Managers handle the projects with a mastery of management skills to direct the workers from conception to completion. BuilDTecH Construction Managers firmly adhere to Construction Management Principles in every stage of the project.

Conception And Commencement Of The Project

We conceive thought to initiate a project. We conduct a feasibility study and ensure that the project is achievable. Our expert team sets goals, estimates the cost of the project, and draws up deadlines to bring out and complete a successful project. Also, we identify beforehand the potential risks and issues. Once having the approval of the client and authorities, we outline the work within the said timeline. We make ready for resources that are needed to do the work and assign the workers to their respective tasks. In addition to that, we make a structure that facilitates efficient workflow throughout the life cycle of the project. We detail the scope, cost, quality, and duration of the project. For this, we choose the best team of experts to process the construction project.

We implement the plan, solving all the issues and changes that arise during the construction process. When we execute the project, we confirm that we fulfill all the promises that we made in the beginning. Apart from that, we set up a meeting with the client to regularly report the process and phases of the construction.

BuilDTecH Architects And Construction Managers

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