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BuilDTecH Architect’s Duplex House Plan in Coimbatore

BuilDTecH Architects offer you four kinds of duplex house plan in Coimbatore with different designs. It is specifically prepared by BuilDTecH Architects for the client to afford one from the different categories. And we create house plans concerning the end-users budget and size of the space or land.

A duplex house is constructed on two floors. It is a residential building. A duplex house plan consists of a single kitchen and dining room. With the central wall, it has two living rooms with separate entries. Generally, an individual owns a duplex house.

  • Basic Plan.
  • Standard Plan.
  • Premium Plan.
  • And Ultimate Plan.

Basic Plan

Duplex House Plan in Coimbatore – BuilDTecH Architects possess more than 108 design aspects. The Basic Plan covers 50 aspects out of more than 108. First, it is cost-effectively suitable for the end-users who have around a thousand square feet. Second, everything is compact in this plan whether you construct a residential home or industrial building. Anyway, the basic plan cannot guarantee the expected privacy. The plan includes the design to let the sunlight in and adequate ventilation and so forth. The rooms will be designed neat and tidy.

Standard Plan

Standard Plan is also known as Civil Space Planning. Out of more than 108 aspects, Standard Duplex Plan in Coimbatore covers about 70 aspects. This Standard Planning Design is suitable if you have land around two thousand square feet. Furthermore, the rooms are of moderate by the Standard Plan. The project is affordable too. It contains the fundamental interior-based plan. Also, it provides basic privacy. And lastly, this plan consists of essential facilities.

Premium Plan

You can build your home with our Premium Plan which covers about ninety-five aspects out of 108 important aspects. If you have space between two thousand five hundred square feet and five thousand square feet, this Premium Building Plan is highly suitable for you. Another point to note is that this plan is quite costly. However, Premium Plan offers you full interior-based planning. Besides, it provides complete privacy. Last, every room is fairly spacious and uniquely designed for excellent facilities.

Ultimate Plan

As you know, BuilDTecH Architects’ Ultimate Duplex Plan in Coimbatore is the highest of all our house plans. Surprisingly, it comes with a huge budget. At the same time, the Ultimate Plan gives you the full benefit. Apart from that, you can undoubtedly have high privacy in every room of your house. With this Ultimate Plan, you will feel the comfortable atmosphere around you. Moreover, you can enjoy the maximum benefit that helps enrich the beauty of your dream house. Every room is largely spacious in this plan. Since it comes with all the hundred and eight aspects, you can have first-class interior-based planning and all other design features.

In conclusion, the BuilDTecH Architects preserve their uniqueness and trust by executing Evergreen Concepts. Our expert design team ensures long-lasting components, materials, colors, and shapes. To make your home or building artistic and elegant, we make use of Modern Technology Integration. We perform detailed and in-depth research on aesthetic shapes, elements, and materials as well. In addition to that, we carry out a cost analysis on interior and exterior elevation. According to your taste, we apply the design with the proper color, element, material, and more.

The BuilDTecH Architects’ Services As Follows

Architecture Design, Space Planning, Interior Design, Exterior Design, Civil engineering, Structural Design, MEP Design (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing), Fire Protection Design, Landscape Design, Urban Design, BIM-based PMC Renovation work, and Consultation Services.

Duplex House Plan in Coimbatore – Our highly talented BuilDTecH Architects do all these plans in our laboratory. We never miss including the artistic beauty and stunning architectural imagination into the house plan (both the residential and commercial buildings). Also, we provide two sorts of Working Details. Those are Essential Working Details and Advanced Working Details. The explanation of these two various working details in short: The Essential Working Detail gives some basic design features. On the other hand, the Advanced Working Detail comes with state-of-the-art technical strategies.

We are here to gladly help you to find the right choice for your home. Feel free to contact us for architecture and interior design and other construction-related queries.