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Living Room Design in Coimbatore

The living room is a room where most of the activity takes place. It is where you invite your guest and the social gathering takes place. Commonly, in the living room, people sit and relax, talk with guests, watch television, and do other things. A living room includes furniture such as a table and chairs, couch, lamps, television, tea table, curtains, artistic wall pictures, and some flower pots and vases. Also, we can install an indoor cum outdoor garden, waterfall features, and balcony. To create a first favorable impression, BuilDTecH Architects offer you amazing living room design with the latest technology. And we ensure that your living room is tidy with the right kind of furniture arrangement and electronic appliances with Vasthu compliance.

Living room design

Three kinds of living room:

BuilDTecH Architects offer you three types of Living Rooms.

Drawing Living Room.

Family Living Room.

Double Height Living Room.

Drawing Living Room:

Drawing Living Room is planned to enter the living space directly from the foyer and get into other rooms from the living space. It has barely any privacy whereas the family living room has complete privacy. Drawing Living Room is generally used for the entertainment of the guests. It is planned in such a way to welcome your guests and entertain them because people can directly enter the living space from the foyer.

Family Living Room

Contrary to the drawing living room, the family living room has total privacy since there are doors to be shut in the foyer if you do not want any intrusion on your privacy by straightly entering the living space from the foyer. Nonetheless, the family living room can be used as Drawing Living Room to welcome and entertain your guests by opening up the doors in the foyer. Simply put, you can use the family living room with privacy and without privacy.

The difference between Drawing Living Room

When it comes to the Family Living Room, there can be two ways from the foyer to access the dining room and living space. The main difference between the drawing living room and the family living room is that, in the drawing living room, we first enter the living space. And then from there, we can enter the kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms. But, in the family living room, we can get into the dining room, living space, and bedroom since there are two ways from the foyer. However, the special thing with the family living room is that we can use the family living room as a Drawing Living Room (having living space only) by closing all the doors from the foyer except the door that leads to the living space.

Double height living room:

Double height living room is twice the standard height of a typical living room which has a height of around ten to twelve feet. The double-height living room is spacious and extensive. Moreover, it gives an aesthetical appearance to the rooms. Though it feels spacious, there is no privacy in the double-height living room since there is open space above and the people in the upper space can see through. Another drawback is that you cannot install a ceiling fan in the double-height living space during stifling humidity in the room.

The advantages and disadvantages of having a double-height living room:


The room feels more spacious.

The balcony is an advantage in the upper living space for relaxation and enjoying a lovely view in the morning and evening time. With the balcony, windows are added advantage to let the natural light and fresh air into space.

You can install huge windows in the high ceiling living room and they help the entire home feel an open space and give an illusion of more space. In addition to that, the high ceiling and high walls make the room look bigger and larger.

You can set up and maintain the houseplants and decorative elements so that the room has aesthetic vibes.

With extraordinarily rich colors and textures, you can make the residences and offices feel luxurious.

It is an additional benefit that you can add a good piece of artwork on the high walls which have a royal painting touch.

You can enjoy a spectacular view if your house is near the beach or on hills.


It is an arduous task to paint the high walls, replacing the electrical devices in the large walls such as bulbs, and carry out regular maintenance.

Since it is an open space, you may get disturbed due to a lot of noise made by children.

It is agreeable that you cannot install a ceiling fan and air-conditioning system. So, you may experience sultry during sultry weather.

At last, you have to go to enormous expenses for having a double-height living space.