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BIM – Building Information Modeling

Choosing your building design is once-in-a-lifetime task. Get expert advice and guidance in making your dreams come true. Every day people all over the world start their building construction with great hopes and dreams. But they do not have proper advice and counseling to take the right decision on making a better home. BuilDTecH Architects & Designers in Coimbatore are here to give you the guidance and knowledge to make the right choice. Chat with our expert team and get your favorite building designs.

Building Information Modeling is a software tool for creating and managing information of building project over the entire project cycle. It has various tools and working strategies for building construction experts. Moreover, BuilDTecH professionals – architects, interior designers, structural designers, MEP engineers, and project managers, apply in the process of building design the detailed insights and understanding, that they gain in BIM, to effectively design, plan, build , and maintain. Besides, digitally clarifying every feature of a construction project is one of the main tasks of Building Information Modeling.

Explanation of BIM

BIM is the abbreviation for Building Information Modeling. It allows engineers, architects, and other manufacturing professionals to design, plan, and construct, a building. BIM is a highly collaborative process. It expresses information much more than a CAD model. It makes up BIM components (models or objects). These models have geometry and are intelligent. In addition, they store all the data. If there takes place any change in any element, BIM Software updates that object to show that change. This helps the components to remain coordinated and consistent throughout the whole process. So, architects, designers, structural engineers, MEP designers, and Project Managers can carry out the assigned work in a collaborative setting.

BIM is importantly required process to confirm that the design, planning, and building construction are collaborative and efficient. BuilDTecH Building Construction Professionals work collaboratively on the stored information. Apart from that, BuilDTecH Team updates itself every day by research and exploration of BIM tools. BIM helps the professionals perform the task efficiently. It improves the work and allows the end-users to get access to the process of building construction at any time via smartphone, tab, or computer. BuilDTecH Architects carry out all of the work (planning, designing, drafting, arranging schedules, estimating the cost of project, and visualization) with the help of the advanced technology tool ‘BIM’.

How It Is Used

In general, BIM refers to all the professionals concerned in building construction and throughout the entire project management. The building construction professionals share information and work collaboratively. All of the data from conception to completion is stored. Not only it is stored, it is also actionable. Additionally, Building Information Modeling combines all the information and gives it for the client for any purpose. Also, it helps integrate different features and reduce the errors. BuilDTecH Professionals explain the end-users the life-cycle of the whole project using the BIM data. Also, we explain the client the work process and progress from the beginning to completion. It includes material use. Furthermore, we interact with the client and show the designed space in 3D visualization.

BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore

An important to note, BuilDTecH Architects provide two ranges of working details. These two different working details give various features and specifications. Essential Working Detail is a working drawing that provides basic design specifications. It comes with Non-Functional Design. Second, the Advanced Working Detail consists of Functional Design which BuilDTecH Architects much prefer. Besides, it consists of advanced working documents.

BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore, with the help of BIM, provide Architecture Design, Interior Design, Exterior Design, Structural Design, Elevation Design, MEP Design (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing), Landscape Architecture, Urban Planning, and Project Management. Call us for further information.