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BT Interior Designers in Coimbatore

We provide 3D BIM-based Interior Designs in web browsers. Our team of BT Architects and Interior Designers creates eye-catching design patterns. Besides, we provide different design patterns to our customers from which they would choose one according to their taste, style, and budget. BT Interior Designers in Coimbatore design staircase and all rooms with long-lasting corners. Our patterns are maintenance-free and Interior-based Skirting Design.

The way we design kitchens and the components in the kitchen is amazing. We bring you a tabletop in the kitchen with Easy Maintenance Edge Design. Our design gives Wet and Dry Partitions with long-lasting corners. With the use of BuilDTecH water-proofing technology, we provide wet area Water Leakage Methodology. In addition, we offer FF&E-based Design and use Corner and Jointing Methodology while planning your building.

BT Interior Designers in Coimbatore, apart from Interior Design, provide the service of Architecture Design, Structural Design, MEP Service (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing), Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, PMC, and Consulting.

Flooring Material Selection

BT Interior Designers in Coimbatore do floor design, making use of various materials such as concrete, stones, marble, timber, cork, etc. We recommend you the right material considering the different properties of the flooring materials for your home or building. Since you have to consider different factors before selecting a flooring material, we give you detailed instructions about the properties and maintenance. We here in BT Interior Designers mainly consider many factors before planning your building.

BT Interior Designers in Coimbatore select the flooring material which is durable to bear the loads and resist different weathering actions. When furniture and other elements are placed on the floor, there should not be any formation of scratches and dents. Furthermore, the surface of the floor should be smooth and damp resistant, especially when it comes to the bathroom and kitchen floor, to avoid damage and slipperiness. The slipperiness occurs when the floor is wet and greasy. So, we advise you to have an anti-slippery coating solution. Based on the budget and weather, we choose the best flooring material for you. We select the flooring material that is easy to clean and maintain.

The Aesthetic Look Of The Floor By BT Architects in Coimbatore

Whether it is a small home or a big commercial building, we ensure the floor’s look is aesthetic. We have a list of available materials in the market with a range of colors, designs, shapes, sizes, and so on. The cost of the material increases as you go for durability and quality. Because each material comes with a various price range. So, according to the size of the house and budget, we select flooring materials.

The selected flooring material should be fire-resistant, too, to avoid the damages it causes. It is especially when it comes to wood flooring. Therefore, the wood flooring needs layering of fire resistance. Moreover, we consider the soundproof of the floor, the upper floor, in particular.

Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding is a cover of a cladding material over the wall. It is done to give a weather-proof cover to avoid the weather infiltrations like moisture, heat, and dust infiltrations into buildings. BT Interior Designers in Coimbatore choose the right kind of cladding material for your house to control these infiltrations. Wall Cladding can be done on exterior walls as well as interior walls, for example, in the kitchen and bathrooms. Also, there is a range of wall cladding types: Concrete Cladding, Stone Cladding, Brick Cladding, Wood & Timber Cladding, vinyl Cladding, Metal Cladding, Board Cladding. And in the case of decoration, we can use wallpapers.

Just like any other design, we produce striking 3D BIM-based Wall Tile Cladding Design Patterns for bathrooms, kitchen, all the wet areas. BT Interior Designers offer you joinery-based unbreakable and scratch-proof wall cladding. Wall Cladding comes under FF&E Design.