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The BuilDTecH Architects’ introduction of Vasthu Manayadi: Vasthu is not related to any religion as so many people would think it is. Vasthu is nothing but pure science which helps build a relaxing and positive home.

Vasthu has become inevitable nowadays in India. The importance of Vasthu is that you build a house without Vasthu. When you happen to sell that house in days to come, you have the least opportunity to sell out your house to others. Here, in BuilDTecH Architects, we recommend you to design and build your house with above eighty percent of Vasthu to mostly cover the scientific facts.

The position of the main door is as per Vasthu or Uthsasthanam. BuilDTecH Architects provide the working plan with Vasthu calculation. It includes room position (like where the bedroom, living room, and bathroom should be planned), staircase, and Bramhasthanam. Also, we do plan the building without Vasthu compliance for those who want to live in the comfort of their home. Apart from Vasthu, we do plan the buildings with the Manayadi.


We shall take the staircase position, for example. We in India inherit a characteristic to use our right hand in whatever activity we do. So, the staircase is planned and designed clockwise since the influence of the right hand dominates (we place our right hand on the staircase for support) when we step up and down. If you build your staircase anti-clockwise, you can predict what: the consequence of positioning the staircase anti-clockwise would result in inefficiency and a great deal of body pain. Therefore, planning the staircase clockwise is Vasthu which is inextricably related to pure science – not any religion.

Why planning the kitchen and bathroom in South-east, north-west corner:

If the positioning of the kitchen and bathroom is in the southwest and northeast, for instance, the smell from the kitchen and unpleasant air from the bathroom circulate the living room and bedroom. That is why we plan the kitchen and bathroom in the southeast and northwest corner. When we plan the kitchen and bathroom in the southeast and the northwest corner, the natural airflow dilutes the smell from the kitchen and unpleasant air from the bathroom. Vasthu is pure science using which BuilDTecH Architects plan and design every element of your house.

BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore:

BuilDTecH Architects’ Special Working Details:

Here, we provide our clients two kinds of Working Details. It is for our clients’ comfort and according to their budget. The Essential Working Detail and Advanced Working Detail are two kinds that BuilDTecH Architects provide. For those who want the design on an affordable budget, we offer them the Essential Working Detail. The Essential Working Detail consists of the basic methodology and Non-Functional Design. On the other hand, the Advanced Working Detail comes with state-of-the-art strategy. Also, you can enjoy the benefits of Functional Design.

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