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BuilDTecH Landscape Architects in Coimbatore – The team of BuilDTecH Landscape Architects is dedicated to healthy communities and environments and protecting the safety and well-being of people. We are designers of the natural environment. BuilDTecH Landscape Architects’ unique set of skills improves the health of the people and their surroundings. We design landscapes for parks, campuses, plazas, residences, recreation areas, development of outdoor land and garden, and more.

What BuilDTecH Landscape Architects in Coimbatore Do

Landscape Architecture engages in planning, designing, supervising, managing, and maintaining the natural and built environment. We take responsibility for creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. We unite artistic expertise with the knowledge of the natural environment and human activity. So, it helps successfully protect your environment.

  • BuilDTecH Landscape Architects in Coimbatore draw up plans and landscape design drawings using BIM Revit after surveying the land. We write reports about the landscape like pros and cons.
  • Then, we discuss the requirements with our clients. Together with the client, we produce contracts and draw up cost estimation of the project.
  • After the presentation of the proposals to the end-user for authorization of the project, we allocate engineers, contractors, and workers to their designated tasks.
  • In addition to that, we bring the materials and other elements for the project. We construct the timescale to complete the project within that time frame.
  • As the project is in process, we supervise it and clear their doubts of the engineers.
  • Moreover, we liaise with other professionals like architects, civil engineers, surveyors, and town planners to ensure the landscape architecture design is being implemented as it is in the original plan.

BuilDTecH Landscape Architects in association with BuilDTecH Architects and Designers undertake the construction and maintenance work and monitor the construction progress. We produce every design and its working document in our laboratory. With the knowledge of environmental science, building planning, urban design, management, we provide landscape design patterns. Also, BuilDTecH Landscape Architects are recognized experts in drawing up plans for trees, flowers, plants, pavement, and so on.

The Skills of BuilDTecH Landscape Architects

We are landscape architects and designers with an artistic flair for Architecture and Landscape Architecture Design. Apart from that, we have a great interest in life sciences and the environment. BuilDTecH Landscape Designers apply detailed knowledge in planning landscape architecture for the natural world to flourish. Creativity, ingenuity, flair, and imagination, are our talents in shaping the environment. Furthermore, we are well-motivated designers who have excellent verbal and written communication skills. With these skills, we discuss with our clients and the engineers explaining the working details.

Having the negotiating and leadership skills, we negotiate with the clients. And we have a good eye for every detail and lead the team towards success. Besides, if there arise any technical glitches during the construction process, we solve them by our lateral thinking. It should be noted that, with our IT and drawing skills, BuilDTecH Landscape Architects in Coimbatore competently handle BIM Revit which is a state-of-the-art tool. Last but not least, our management style and technique make the decision-making fast and flexible.

BuilDTecH Architects and Landscape Architects in Coimbatore

BuilDTecH Architects offer you two kinds of working details which will give the chance for people to choose the best one for them. Essential Working Details and Advanced Working Details are the two kinds we provide. You get the Essential Working Detail with a limited-term design strategy. And we produce the Advanced Working Detail with analytical technique. Also, it comes with a Functional Design. This Working Detail has a long-term design strategy and you can enjoy other benefits.

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