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The Highlight Of The Interesting Features Only Available in BuilDTecH Architects

  • BuilDTecH Architects in Tirupur offer 3D Space Planning that has some of the best features with Vasthu compliance only available in BuilDTecH Architects.
  • You can access limitless options and suggest unlimited revisions.
  • You can have generative designs and a good view of interiors.
  • We provide basic furniture layout and 3D walk-through.
  • We develop 2D and 3D plans.
  • Remote Access and Cloud Storage. You can access the designs to view and suggest modifications.
  • Cloud computing that is also only available in BuilDTecH Architects.

Responsibility of BuilDTecH Architects in Tirupur

To bring out the client-wished designs, BuilDTecH Architects in Tirupur have some working strategies and ideas. We, first, gather all the information from the client such as their ideas, wishes, needs, and budget.

Second, having the clients’ requirements and ideas as a base, we move to plan and produce working details. Also, we provide two categories of working details. The first one is essential working details and the other one, advanced working details. The Essential Working Detail consists of basic as well as important features. It has a research of architectural elements and non-functional designs. The Advanced Working Detail consists of in-depth analysis of architectural elements, functional designs, unlimited revisions & suggestions, and maintenance-free designs.

The Maintenance-Free Design Consultancy: the Maintenance-Free Design Consultancy is a design that reduces the budget in the future. For example, let us take that you plan to build a house with the Advanced Working Details. So, the Advanced Working Details include future maintenance. It may cost a bit now. However, it cannot be accounted as an expense but an investment. The reason is that, with the Advanced Working Details, there is no modification or alteration in the future. Without the advanced ones, there might be possibilities that you renovate your home after thirty years which will cost ten times the cost of today due to an increase in monetary value.

To clarify that, you have the Advanced Working Details from us which consists of one of the key features – A Maintenance-Free Design Consultancy. For instance, the Maintenance-Free Design Consultancy costs 100,000 rupees today for a certain square feet building. If you are not guaranteed with the Maintenance-Free Design Consultancy which is only available in BuilDTecH Architects, you will have to spend double the cost of today for maintaining your building in the future. But if you have the Maintenance-Free Design Consultancy today, you will significantly cut the cost for the maintenance in the future. Precisely, you will cut the spending by 90%. And 10% goes for cleaning and painting.

Offering Excellent Ideas and Advice

Third, BuilDTecH Architects have a tête-à-tête with you and your family on the estimation of the project. There, we offer you some sensible ideas and advice like what may fit you and what sort of colours is suitable for your building. How space planning should be done concerning the size of every room. How in concert we have to make the garden beautiful regarding the weather condition on site.

Fourth, we assign the work to suitable engineers and workers for your project and implement the design. Moreover, we work toward effective solutions for technical glitches that arise when the project is in process. And BuilDTecH Architects in Tirupur clarify the site engineers’ doubts on working details. So, that they can understand the design as it is and execute it successfully.

Fifth, before applying the design, we happily accept any idea that the end-users come up with to include or exclude in and from the design in compliance with building codes and local building laws. It is therefore fulfilling clients’ wishes and needs that distinguish us from others.

Sixth, it is a site visit. We visit the site often in every stage of the construction to ensure the design is being executed as it is in working details. And last, we hand-over the amazing building to you.