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Unique Architecture Designs in Coimbatore That Suits Your Lifestyle

Architecture, in its simplest form, is a process of conceiving a thought, decorating it with artful features, and bringing it into reality.

We consider it imperative that letting the end-users add their touch to the design developed by BuilDTecH Architects based in Coimbatore. That indeed gives the home character and the home comes alive. 

We are here to help you with choosing and designing the architecture designs in Coimbatore and across the world which uniquely fits your taste and suits your lifestyle.

We perfectly produce the designs for both indoors and outdoors. Living and bedroom space filled with the richness of natural light, we have plenty more options for you to choose from.
Furthermore, with the standard practice of Architecture, BuilDTecH Architects construct physical structures with different styles (Contemporary style, Modern style, Traditional style, Western style, Kerala style, and much more) following the request of the dwellers and Commercial buildings such as Hospital, Schools, Industries, Shopping Malls, Theaters, and so on.

When we say ‘construction’, we refer to shaping the space of your land. Not only do we design simply homes and buildings, but also, Interior designing, Structural engineering, Civil Engineering, MEP service  Landscape Design, and Master Planning (Urban Design). 

Passionate About Our Duties

Our duties as follows:

  • First, Obtaining the requirement of clients.
  • Preparing scheme plans with unlimited options and unlimited revisions.
  • After the client’s approval, we will visit the site and perform feasibility studies.
  • Producing 3D Elevations using BIM concepts.
  • Making a link to the 3D walkthrough in Cloud computing.
  • Producing design models for end-user to choose from and finalizing the total budget of the project.
  • Once the end-user chooses his design, we will move to the next phase of adding more colours to the chosen model. We do the addition of features and ideas with the dweller’s ideas and in harmony with building rules and regulations.
  • Besides, we assist the client to prepare his home design by detailing the pros and cons of the building designs in the prototype.
  • Preparing construction details from scheme plans and elevation designs. 
  • We start the building construction by assigning the suitable builders according to the clients’ estimated budget and their wishes. 
  • Advising the client on the need of appointing other professional experts such as Civil Engineers, Material suppliers and Supervisors.
  • Being with the client in every phase of construction is seen as an important duty of ours.
  • Having the solution for technical issues during the construction process and pragmatic approach.
  • Helping other professionals on-site with clarifying the working details.
  • Always ensuring the design is brought up as planned.
  • And making a regular site visit / Site inspection.

BuilDTecH Architects create new architecture designs in Coimbatore and all over the world with aesthetics and beauty. Architecture with art and science not only speaks of personalities, tastes, lifestyle, expertise, skills, and so forth, also does it create emotion and relationship. Moreover, developing Architecture Designs uniquely with new trends and the latest combination of designs becomes an exciting activity for the Architect and the client involved.

BuilDTecH Architecture designs in Coimbatore – A Trusted Brand.

Designing architecture involves a complicated process. Many architects’ and designers’ views, oftentimes, lack artistic creativity of the design. In most cases, it fails to express the reality of Architecture. So, it becomes essential for us to choose a trusted architecture firm. If you are looking for an architect firm that brings your dreams into reality, you have come to the right choice – BuilDTecH Architects, Coimbatore. And not to mention, we are influenced by nature to bring out the best shape for you and your family. We perform the design tasks by making use of design tools such as BIM to chisel your space precisely.

BuilDTecH Architects prepare and develop the architecture designs in Coimbatore in our laboratory ensuring functionality, aesthetics, and durability. Contact us for more information and elaborate explanation about different types of Architecture Designs and their advantages and disadvantages considering the climate conditions and other factors.