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BT Architects

BT Architects has developed its brand in the field of Architecture and Interior Design. We have become one of the best architects in Coimbatore in terms of delivering unique designs to our clients. The sole purpose of BT Architects is to bring to you the world’s best architectural and interior designs. They are produced in our laboratory. We promise that the designs the clients get from us are unique and aesthetic.

BT Architects For Those Planning To Experience Luxury In Life.

BT Architects is one of the famous Architectural Firms in Coimbatore. Here are our main subjects that we are expert in:

House Plan (residential, studio), Building Plan (commercial buildings such as Industries, colleges, schools, shopping malls, hospitals) Architecture Design for both residential and commercial buildings, Interior Design for both residential and commercial building, Engineering and Building Services, and Construction Management.

Amid the challenging and competitive business world, it has become imperative for people to choose trusted and best architecture firms in Coimbatore.

Considering a trusted brand. It is one of the fundamental aspects to consider for those dreaming to have a beautiful house. Our BT Architects expert team identifies the customers’ ideas and needs by performing a comprehensive assessment. Thus, the experts develop planning strategies to produce exclusive best architecture designs in Coimbatore and all over the world.

Our professionals are responsible for bringing up the luxury to your homes.

In today’s technology-driven world, an advanced form of designing tools are required. BT Architects are ace professionals in handling higher end BIM software. Gaining insights into the latest architectural styles and trends, we make use of BIM software to make smart decisions and achieve sustainable designs.

BT Architects’ main aim and objective are to offer customers quality services. With the new approach towards every architecture and interior design, we deliver the working details.

Do not wait or hesitate to design your home. Call us now for a consultation and build the house that you have always dreamed of.

  • Space Utility Planning.
  • Careful utilization of passage and wastage area.
  • Furniture Design and Arrangements. Easy Human movement plan.
  • Good ventilation and aeration system (natural ventilation as well as artificial ventilation) with effectively preventing heat rays from entering.
  • Producing designs chiefly concerning the safety aspects.
  • New style and cool interior and exterior designs.
  • Visualizing the project before actual execution. Integrating clients’ ideas into the design is seen as an important part of our duties.
  • Incorporating modern technology in all the areas such as Architecture, Interior & Exterior Designs, all the Engineering fields, and Project Management.
  • Cost estimation on Exterior Elevation, Interior Design, Structural Engineering and MEP.

Our working details and PMC are BIM-based.

  • We guarantee your project with BT Architects is economical.
  • With advanced designing tools like BIM Revit, we provide highly user-friendly working documents.
  • HVAC – Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning system. MEP – Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing. Landscape Design.
  • Lighting and Acoustic Design.
  • Innovative flooring and ceiling design. Wall Paneling. Ducting. And Storage Space Planning.
  • Color combination and concept.
  • Construction, cost, and time management.
  • Smart project management, real estimation & cost-cut-down-practice.

Have counseling and take the softest feeling into your home. And give reality to your dreams.

About chief:

It was in 1995 BT Architects stepped into the world to introduce new designs in Architecture and Interior Design. The founder and CEO of BT Architects T.K. Jai Hari Hara Sudhan, the chief CG Architect of BT Architects in Coimbatore, who is a specialist in the BIM and holds a Bachelor‘s degree and Master’s degree in CG-Architecture & Interior design, felt a sense of great desire in Architecture. To manifest his great desire, he began to produce design models. For the hard work and constant effort, he got instant gratification and praise from the end-users and people started to recognize his designs around the world.

The chief CG Architect, Mr. Sudhan, finds new ways every day to show and share his passion. Now, he is happy, for he fulfills the dreams of so many people, who trust him.

We produce the world’s most comfortable building designs. Having a relaxing atmosphere inside the house happens when you find a trusted brand. At BT Architects, we believe we can make a better setting for the people through our amazing architecture and excellent interior designs.

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