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Fabulous Architecture Design

BuilDTecH Architects – Architecture Design, Interior Design, and Structural Design services:

Architecture design shapes the buildings and gives life to them. BuilDTecH Architects in Coimbatore is dedicated to producing extraordinary architecture design to better the world. We generate artistic designs having a deep understanding of the current trend and style. Our designs make people feel luxurious. Indeed, BuilDTecH Architects’ creation of architecture design improves people’s lifestyles across the world.

Our team of Architects conducts in-depth research to discover new ways of designing and creating environmentally sustainable architecture. Moreover, our responsibility is to bring the world the grandeur of Architecture and protect the natural setting by generating Eco-friendly designs that have little harm to the environment. Above all, we are clearly intent on meeting the clients’ needs and serving them well.

Our inspiration comes from the passion and experience we gained through the years to produce uniquely each design and make the clients put their confidence in us for stylish architecture designs.

Our brilliant and clever ideas are converted into a lively living space. We closely collaborate with the clients to create ideal opportunities to develop their imagination and vision about their house. Furthermore, BuilDTecH Architects always remain focused on presenting highly distinctive architectural designs. For proper consultation on Architecture Designs, contact us.

Delightful Interior Design

BuilDTecH Architects offer Interior Design, Architecture Design, and Structural Design services:

Interior design has architectural charms. BuilDTecH Interior Designers design the interiors of the house for the humans comfortably flow and work. We provide stunning interior designs for residential and commercial buildings. The elements that give life to the interior design are lighting design, the combination of colors, the arrangement of furniture, and the set-up of false ceiling and wall paneling. To be specific, lighting design plays an important role in interior design because a properly designed lighting system creates a cheerful mood for the dwellers. Plus, it makes the room brighter and larger.

False ceiling and wall paneling are installed to damper the process of heat entering the building. The beautiful design of furniture and their suitable arrangement make the space look elegant. Other decorative elements such as mirrors, vases, wall coatings, artwork, etc., in apt places provides a great finish.

Our process from the formulation of the concept to the completion of interior design:

First, BuilDTecH Interior Designers come up with the concept of interior design for a building. The overall design shows how space will look like. When designing, we keep in mind the size of the space, climate, and environment. Second, we show the design to the client. He/she ensure that it is designed according to their expectation and the design is safe and functional. Third, we immediately start the further process to execute it on time. With the help of BIM Revit Software, we visualize every space in the house for better clarification.

Solid Structural Design

BuilDTecH Architects offer Structural Design, Architecture Design, and Interior Design services:

Structural design is all about analysis of the structure to bear and convey the loads. The structural designer carries out the research and performs the structural analysis to ensure that the applied loads do not affect the structures. The analysis consists of calculating dead loads, live loads, and external forces such as wind and earthquake. Also, he ensures that the design meets all the building codes and safety rules. Finally, the designer starts the construction process with the procurement of structural materials and equipment.

BuilDTecH Structural Designers provide structural engineering services for residential, commercial as well as large scale industrial projects across India and abroad. We produce high-quality structural designs based on scientific fact with the use of advanced building tools like BIM software. Contact us for further information.