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BT Interior Designers analyse customer requirements and fulfill them. And thus, we establish a harmonious relationship between us. Besides, our main aim is to study the client’s wishes and needs about the Interior Design and construction project and provide the service to achieve them.

Interior Design in Coimbatore

BT-Architects associated with BT-Interior designers work in tandem on interior design to produce user-friendly designs for the clients. We, BT Architects, take the charge to design the space. And we create Interior Designs without violating any local and national Interior Design Codes.

It is of our fundamental importance to incorporate the clients’ plan into our design since we believe that it is essential to give first preference while adhering to the design specifications. Apart from that, we address the need of the clients by fully recognizing the their vision, which we think is more important, about his/her dream home.

What We Do 


Within four steps we deal with planning a user-needed-design. First, we, BT-Architects and Interior Designers analyse the building plan properly and thoroughly. We see if there is any integration to it and add if any. Following the analysis of the plan, we begin designing furniture cleverly and arranging them to fix in particular spaces.

Having done all the process of analysing, planning, designing, and organizing the furniture, paintings, carpets, lights among others, we move to the Interior Visualization part. Undoubtedly, we produce all of our designs with the help of BIM Revit Software to present a well-visualized object, whether it is interior design, plan, elevation, landscape design, etc.

3D Interior Visualization

Second, 3D Interior Visualization. We develop a particular structure in 3D Visualization by computer software. Now that the 3D Interior Visualization acts as a medium of communication between the client and designer by facilitating them to contact and share their point of views and thus it saves their precious time.

We illustrate the design to the clients through 3D Interior Visualization. Consequently, all the necessities of Interior Design such as furniture arrangement and appearance of lighting are visualized. Since it is computer software developed with the latest technology, it displays the project with a high visual effect.

The 3D Interior Visualization Model prompts the client to explore the design and help the client to suggest modifications if there is any. For example, a designer shows the design after completion. The client, studying the 3D Visualization model on a desktop or tab, is pleased with it. Because the 3D model is viewed from every angle. Moreover, if the client has any suggestions regarding the design and wants to make any changes, we accept and do it respectively with delight. As you can see, we do all of these without the client’s presence.

Interior Design Working Detail 

Third, working detail. Once you approve the design, the we start working on preparing the working details. BT-Interior Designers provide working detail for the site designer to begin the interior work.

If there is any doubt the designer has in processing the working detail and any difficulties the site designer encounters during the implementation of the project, we clear up the doubts and demystify the working details.

Site Visit

And last but not least, the site visit. We visit the site to ensure the work is being done as intended.

BT Interior Design

Prudent action is required for the definition and organization of the project. BT-Interior Designers are skillful in successfully organizing and take the systematic approach that facilitates the implementation of the design project.