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Mechanical engineering is an engineering field that helps us know the working mechanism of heavy tools and the parts of a machine. It is one of the oldest fields in engineering history. The branch applies codes of engineering, physics, and material science for the design. The branch involves designing mechanical products, installation, and maintenance. It is used in all the divisions whether it is electrical engineering, civil engineering, medical, automobile. Now let us know the applications and maintenance of Mechanical Engineering in building construction.

Mechanical Engineering in Building Construction

It, like all other disciplines, has its involvement in building construction.

Mechanical engineers design the mechanical elements such as elevator and HVAC, install, and maintain them.

Nowadays, when it comes to building, mechanical components are necessary for a building for the convenience of the occupants. The air conditioning system, elevator, escalator, heating, and ventilation system are the essential devices and these are the machinery appliances, whether it is commercial or residential.

Certainly, the scope of mechanical engineering in building construction is never-ending. Its graduates can find career placement in almost every sector. They can find jobs from the construction sector to the steel industry and from the automobile industry to the software company.

Importance of Mechanical Engineering in Construction

Mechanical engineering is the oldest and broadest branch in the engineering field. It is important to realize that it connects all the engineering fields together, not to mention, it provides a base to all the engineering fields.

Mechanical engineering is all about things around you. You use the fan that is above you, the switches, the TV, doors, windows, etc. Finally, everything you see around you gets into mechanical engineering to some extent.

Mechanical Engineer

The first language of mechanical engineering is drawing. Mechanical engineers are responsible for the installation and maintenance of mechanical devices in a building. A mechanical engineer designs and sets up the mechanical components such as HVAC in a building as per the design specifications. Most importantly, he takes into account the client’s wishes for their building.

A mechanical engineer, assigned by a client for a particular building, orders mechanical materials and allocate the workers for the proper installation. Besides, he visits the site, reviews the documents, and suggests alterations if any. Thus, he makes sure that the mechanical equipment is properly installed as planned.

BuilDTecH Architects

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