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BSP – BuilDTecH Space planning deals with more than 108 important planning aspects. And BuilDTecH Space Planners develop them all in the test site.

BSP – BuilDTecH Space Planning

  • BSP has smart and unique methods.
  • Expertise with BIM software applications.
  • BSP is handier and gives a pleasant feeling.
  • It secures your privacy.
  • It fulfills your needs and dreams.
  • BSP covers all divisions such as master planning, aesthetic concepts, structural and interior designs. Also, it includes project automation, MEP, and landscape, and water features.

BSP – Space Planner

  • Ideal use of passage and wastage area.
  • Conversion of wastage area to ducting, fins, storage, aesthetic element space and utility space.
  • Analysis of a suitable location to place furniture and fixtures.
  • Supplying comfort to a great extent to the dwellers.
  • Making freeway in human flow.
  • Designing each room in harmony with its nature.

BuilDTecH Space Planning – Ventilation

  • Supplies of good sunlight and aeration.
  • Resisting the entry of heat rays and rainwater without affecting safety.
  • Green building aspects.
  • Keeping your building cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • Audio set up for each room.
  • Keeping indoor air fresh in all situations.
  • BuilDTecH designs consume a little amount of energy.

BSP – Aesthetic Concepts based

  • Taking care of safety aspects of artistic design.
  • Having a good aesthetic look.
  • Worthy to appreciate the beauty of our designs.
  • Providing a pleasing appearance.
  • Bringing fine art into the daily lives of the people.
  • Satisfaction to the clients by aesthetically designed concepts.
  • Our design avoids unnecessary damage and change in the future.
  • Our design takes care of future easy upkeep.

BSP – MEP Design

  • Focusing on trouble free-MEP.
  • long-lasting free maintenance
  • Preventing insects.
  • Providing proper slopes for pipework, human and vehicle movement and flow accordingly.
  • While planning, we keep in mind the structural and interior design, project automation, MEP, and landscape, and water features.

BuilDTecH Space Planning – Safety and Security

  • Kids’ and elders’ safety care design.
  • Senior citizen comfortable design.
  • Anti-theft design.
  • Apt automation or manual security system.
  • Ensuring fire safety norms and designs.
  • Providing fully functioning systems to a high-ranking level of security and safety.
  • Ensuring whole security and safety management.
  • Preparing security and safety plans.
  • Checking and testing the connected systems.

BSP – Vasthu and Psychology

  • Applying suitable Vasthu science without affecting AEC concepts.
  • Adopting Manai Addi. (for Indians) (not science)
  • Psychological based designing aspects.

BuilDTecH Space Planning – Architectural Elevation

  • Artistic elevation using new ideas.
  • Unique interior and exterior elevation.
  • Fulfilling clients’ needs and dreams more than expectation.
  • Architectural elevation design unique characters.
  • Shaping and fine-tuning each elements(part).
  • High quality visualizing lovely dream project before putting a plan in action.
  • Expertise with BIM software applications.

Elevation Concept

  • Our design parts are easy to adapt and maintain.
  • 3D Conceptual skills
  • Our design focuses on avoiding dust forming, rainwater stain, and cracks.
  • Our research team do a great number of project studies.
  • Design as per Vasthu (for Indians)
  • We step in to avoid pipe and wire-line visibility.
  • BuilDTecH elevations attract the eye.
  • Having a pleasant harmony with a degree of unity.
  • Expertise with BIM software application for building elevation.
  • Successive pattern.

Evergreen Concepts

  • Our design team takes care of choosing long-lasting features, shapes, materials, and colors.
  • Making more elegant by modern technology integration.
  • Researching new aesthetic elements, shapes, and materials.
  • Psychological based aspects – Implementing proper elements, color, and material in the right plan.
  • Cost analysis on elements(parts) in exterior elevation.
  • Green and healthy buildings.
  • Cost-efficient buildings.
  • Energy-efficient residential building and commercial building.
  • Giving importance to the ecological impact of all our designs and developments.


BuilDTecH Space Planning – Structural Design

  • Analysis of soil, site, surrounding, and climate.
  • Understanding, predicting, calculating the strength, rigidity, and stability.
  • Calculation of gravity, wind, snow, earthquake, earth pressure, temperature, traffic, and more.
  • Expertise with BIM software application in structural analysis.
  • Admirable load calculations.
  • Skills in construction management.
  • The latest technical skills and implementation.
  • Creative solutions for technical issues.
  • Dealing mainly in the design of buildings.