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MEP Engineering (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) is an important part of the building service design. It is to create a safe and relaxed setting inside the building. MEP is the abbreviation of Mechanical, Electrical, and plumbing. Designers consider MEP Service designs such as planning and preparing drawings, estimating the cost of the project, starting the construction, performing the function, and carrying out the maintenance.

MEP generally takes care of making the building as good as possible through its entire service life. Now let us see the things that MEP consulting engineer takes care of: people hire engineers to make sure that they set up all the engineering systems properly inside a new building. Additionally, MEP consultants help pinpoint the defaults in the existing system. And they improve MEP’s performance by correcting it.

An effective design is worth it in the long run. MEP engineering design is a cost-effective system. The designs are maintenance-free as well. Every single building project is completed within a specific cost. MEP designs markedly offer long-term cost-effective solutions.

A set of hardware and software network controls every system of the building. Indeed, we need this automation system for building working performance to ensure safety and comfort.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing

MEP: Mechanical

Mechanical service engineers work on heating, cooling, and ventilation. They set up and keep various heating and cooling arrangements under control. Also, they ensure each system works good enough to give content to the occupants of the building.


Lighting plays an important role in any construction whether it is small scale building or large scale building. So, here electricity and lighting are the two main areas of focus in this field by MEP consulting engineers. Beyond that, they also take care of fire alarm and security systems. They offer a friendly setting, not to mention, energy-efficient solutions.


MEP consulting engineers provide the best solutions for pipework. Basically, a plumbing system includes gas, water, and sewer controlling. Engineers produce effective designs for hot and cold-water supply and sewage systems. Thus, they ensure that water is supplied at an expected and steady rate through the pipes to the necessary areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

Important point to remember, the use of natural daylight and moisture control improves the quality of the indoor setting. To demonstrate, a healthy indoor setting means a safer setting for everyone who dwells in the building.

Our team: MEP Engineers

Our team covers multiple fields. You will find all the services you need to complete your project under our roof, BuilDTecH Architects. Also, you will discover that our promise to carry out your goals brings out the best in our team. The collaboration of a true relationship with a valuable client flashes a new idea. For further more details about MEP designs and services, contact us. And feel free to e-mail us.