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Wall Cladding and Wall Paneling – The interior design that make our homes feel comfortable and distinctive attracts us home every day. Naturally, a mix of comfortable living settings, ideal climatic conditions, and decorative touches makes a home.

Wall Cladding

Wall cladding is a covering that we use to cover on a wall. It is a sort of decorative element in interior design. To put it another way, we do wall cladding on an exterior wall to make it look more natural than an actual wall is. Installing wall cladding helps us in many ways such as wiping away the dirt from the cladding easily. Also, to maintain it is a stress-free task. The key point is that it does not interrupt the architectural part since it is not a structural part. Wall cladding is to be stylistic, at the same time, functional. The functions of wall cladding are, more exactly, preventing heat and water from entering into the room and damping the walls respectively.


  • Stone
  • Ceramic tiles
  • ACP – Aluminum composite panel
  • Glass
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Vinyl
  • Brick / Terracotta tiles
  • Fibre
  • Wooden
  • Fibre Cement Wood
  • Stainless steel, etc.


Stone cladding is regarded as natural when compared with other cladding types. It gives a neat and fresh look. Mainly, people install stone cladding in their living room, bathroom, and especially, indoor garden walls. Installing stone cladding costs much but has durability.


Aluminum cladding is a longer-life one and durable. 40 percent of heat transmission into the building is reduced. Carrying out less maintenance is a drawback. In addition to that, it is a bit expensive.


Wooden cladding is stronger when compared with aluminum. Indeed, it is desirable among a lot of people. Though Its maintenance and installation are highly expensive, it holds attraction in itself and improves the aesthetic look of the building. And more to the point, about 60 percent of the heatwave is kept from getting into the building.


The setup of brick cladding is somewhat difficult and expensive. But it offers a more elegant look to the wall. Plus, it is less maintenance.


This sort of wall cladding is robust and beautiful. It comes at a low cost.

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