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Flooring Design has a vital role in finishing the whole theme of the interior. We can achieve an elegant floor design with all type of flooring: Hardware flooring, marble and granite flooring, and so on. A flooring design should artistically involve with Eco-friendly materials. So, it will do little harm to the environment, at the same time, it will have eye-catching features. We have to carefully think of the stones that are going to serve the purpose of paving the floor.  Also, we have to notice the design made for the floor of a specific room or section of the building.

Hardwood Flooring / Laminate Flooring

Hardwood floor is a flooring material that brings a person closer to the natural world with wooden grounds to tread on. In the summertime, it will act as a cooler. Likewise, in wintertime, it will warm. It is on hand with choices including teak, paddock, pine, oak, cherry, birch, walnut, and maple in a large variety. Experts suggest hardwood flooring as a natural flooring choice. It is robust though many designers suggest it to use in space that denies heavy stress and too much moisture.

It is expensive. You have to polish the wood every 15 years. You can clean the floor but wash by water. This type of flooring must be carefully maintained. The finest places for hardwood floor are staircase, livings & bedroom. Experts do not suggest wood for kitchens in India. On the other hand, softer woods are apt for the bedrooms.


Marble flooring is fit for many areas in a home. Because it is very durable. At the same time, it is an adaptable flooring selection. In marble stones, the eye-catching natural designs give rise to interiors to look elegant. Marble is entirely natural. Also, it is available in several places all over the world. Italy supply the most admired variety of marble.

Marble by character is alkaline. When it contacts with acidic elements, it causes a chemical reaction which leads to discoloration. It would be better to give marble intervals. As a result, it keeps the marble in a safe condition. Polished marble is wet and smooth so that it is more slippery. But mostly, marble surfaces require good care. Plus, they require maintenance to stay attractive and look appealing.

Granite Flooring

Granite is a hard material. However, it is durable and easy to maintain. There will be no chemical reaction in it. It is hard to get scratches. You can have a lot of varieties in Granite Flooring design. You can have many designs from Granite as well as the Marble. But the appearance of Granite is less attractive than Marble. The Granite flooring is always used in public and commercial places – especially where a large number of people tread on.

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