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False ceiling is set in our home under the typical concrete ceiling. This is extremely good design-part that glamorizes a place in the room. Besides, it has some great pros. There are many types of False Ceiling: Gypsum ceiling, fiber ceiling, wooden ceiling, plaster ceiling, metal ceiling, glass ceiling, etc.

False Ceiling Design:

The false ceiling provides various sorts of finishes to the style of our home. Thus, these finishes are the best for the modern-day interior design. Also, the best false ceiling design and plan will unite all the parts including ventilation and natural lighting according to the dwellers’ taste and wishes.

It has several benefits. Let us see some of them now. It reduces the heat radiation that descends from a normal roof. A good false ceiling design conceals the wiring and lighting fixtures, security cameras, air-conditioning ducts, and other fittings. In addition to that, for all sorts of decorative fans and electric lights, it acts as an appealing base.

It caters to the double purpose. One is for being artistic as a design part. On the other hand, it is to serve more sensible purposes of hiding the mesh of electrical wiring. What is more, it decreases the volume of room for healthier air conditioning. It is unsurprising that today, the false ceiling has made its way into every urban middle-class living room.

Types of False Ceiling:

Gypsum Ceiling

We use Gypsum boards or gypsum sheets to fix it up as a ceiling. It comes with low cost, robust, not to mention, flexible. It is also easily set-up ceiling and light-weight material. What is more, it acts as fire-resistant and sound-proofing. We can make patterns, designs, and paintings on Gypsum ceiling just like wooden ceiling.

Wooden Ceiling

Wooden false ceiling reveals its beauty in the homes in the name of interior design. You can create a traditional look through Wooden ceiling. In addition to that, you can make patterns and designs on the wooden ceiling so that it can be attractive and pleasant for occupants and viewers to look at.

People, these days, choose wooden ceiling because of the natural-surface-design. We can make the wooden ceiling more attractive by various finishes to make it more elegant.

Commonly, we use wooden ceiling commonly made of plywood and board, wooden panels, and blocks. It is appropriate in cold weather. It is an easy set-up ceiling. Moreover, it is strong and eye-catching and different finishes application. At the same time, it requires careful and routine maintenance. Also, it is a bit costly.

Fiber Ceiling

We can install Fiber ceiling design easily just like wooden and gypsum ceiling. It is made of natural minerals and synthetic. It costs low. Therefore, it is demanded among many. And it comes with many shapes and sizes.

Glass Ceiling

It is a transparent ceiling. It is strong but can be easily broken. People choose this ceiling due to its property to resist heat from entering the room. Mostly, it is preferable thanks to its aesthetic appearance.

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