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Building services engineering is a professional discipline which provides environmentally safe and extremely comfortable setting inside the building. For example, good air quality for comfort and healthy well-being of building dwellers.

A building carries a lot of functions. Let us learn first what are the building types. There are so many types of buildings such as residential and commercial building, industrial building, storage building, and so on. Each building has its functions and purposes according to occupants’ intentions. Now take the residential building. Its purpose provides not only the shelter to its dwellers but also a power supply and energy supply, lighting, plumbing, lifts and escalators, fresh air conditioning and ventilation, acoustic, and most importantly, safety and security systems. And these are the important factors that a building must consist of.

Building Services Engineering – MEP Services:

First, when it comes to the mechanical part, it supplies energy such as gas, electricity, and other sources. Mechanical part includes lifts and escalators as well as the heating system. For a cleaner house to enjoy luxury, at the same time, good human and environmental health, it has to have the ventilation and air conditioning system, and other applications.

Second, Electrical Services – electrical services consider supplying low voltage systems. It distributes boards and switches. Similarly, building services take into account the natural lighting piercing into the home or building. Again, in the absence of natural lighting, the building service offers artificial lighting which is a noticeable feature that the building services provide to. It helps connect telephones and networks, not to mention, communication lines. What is more, it helps by offering protection to safeguard the building from natural calamity like lightning.

With the advanced technology, the building services engineering provides home automation. Also, in case of an explosion, it has fire alarms and fire protection system.

Third, plumbing services – it supplies raw, treated, and drinking water, both hot and cold. It offers solutions for wastewater and solid water drainage. Plumbing services in a building provide workable solutions for sanitation, and thus, it keeps you and your surrounding clean and comfortable, maintaining good physical and mental health.

Building Service Engineer:

Building service engineers take care of the design, setup, function, and supervision of the building services such as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing and HVAC. So, they improve greater safety and maximum comfort. In addition to that, identifying and solving the technical problems of a certain building keep the occupants’ composure.

Building services engineers take their part with other professional engineers such as architects and structural engineers. A building services engineer gets involved in the architectural design of the building. Thus, he helps design and operates efficient buildings. Building services engineers are considered as important because of developing a low-carbon community and contributing their big part to tackling global warming.

BT Architects and Building Services Engineers:

Building Services Engineering – Our designs are maintenance-free. Our plumbing keeps occupants from experiencing the unpleasant smell and prevents cockroaches and other insects from entering into the building.

Our extensive range of services is an offer you cannot refuse. With our fascinating architectural designs and excellent and efficient building services, you can make your home or building look unique and attractive, turning that into a splendid house or building. Our Eco-friendly designs and installations are better for you to bring your house or building to the natural world. Services will be provided by calling us on 0422 4373699