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Urban design is the process of shaping the group houses, layouts, towns, and cities, enabling people to enjoy a range of corporation facilities. It is regarded as legitimate among architects and planners. Noticeably, it is a recently started discipline and has made its way towards growing quickly. Moreover, urban design demands a wide range of knowledge and techniques. Urban areas should be Eco-friendly and connecting the relationship between people and nature. It influences social equality and economics. Also, it makes comfort and offers all the excellent amenities.


Merging with architectural designs of buildings, transportation services, water and drainage facilities, electricity supplies, and public space, it gives plenty of opportunities to people. A skillful hand of designer shapes the cities and gives form to a group of buildings and neighborhoods. Important to realize, The urban design takes in architecture and landscape architecture along with city and town planning. As a result, it makes the urban design well-desired and functional.

Urban Designer:

Urban design or master planning is a process. Using that process a designer brings in a friendly and pleasant environment which fulfills his expectations and shows his taste.

When it comes to a person – designer or builder, he must comprehend a client group or users’ ideas and plans and thus, express them in built form. He first considers the project purpose and defines the main key features. Having a clear vision about the fact that the design should be naturally functioning with the environment, he produces designs which creates little damage and harm to the surroundings.

Before planning urban design, a designer goes through making important decisions. He identifies what he is doing. He establishes the immediate primary goals and defines the main objectives. The designer stores relevant and useful information. He generates the ideas of producing innovative designs. He makes higher-level decisions to draw the plan of taking space to a modern town.

Apart from architectural and engineering knowledge, he must possess the remarkable skills needed to bring in solutions for problems which occur during planning an urban design. Not only has he analytical skills in choosing ways alternatively to plan city space but also does he generate innovative ideas about urban structure and its long-lasting stability. Through a close and detailed study in urban designing, an urban designer knows what to do and what not. How to do. And how it is going to function among neighborhoods. Lastly, he has a clear vision of a successful urban community and brings it out.

BT Urban Designers:

It is the fact in urban design that urban design should contain architecture, and be an artistic collaboration of architectural elements. Hence, it will give a sense of well-being to the people who are beneficiaries of well-planned urban design.

BT architects produce urban designs that will last over years without causing any damages to the environment. Our main purpose on the concept of planning urban design is to make sustainable urban housing development and give greater pleasure to the users who enjoy the substantial benefits of BT aesthetic urban planning.