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Interior design which is art and science breathes life to a room. It is an art of applying colors, positioning the furniture, and putting in lighting. It shapes the building space and satisfies us by its restful setting.  A good interior design creates a warm feeling and the dwellers can enjoy its supremacy that can never be challenged. The eye-catching design and appealing interiors are not just a matter of only adding different colors to a wall. It requires a creative mind and innovative ideas to aesthetically appear. It is the interior designers that bring out the best design marvels.

Interior Design

Creatively brought up interior design possesses the artistic nature of innovative minds. When it comes to designing interior in buildings, space planning comes first. Space planning plays an important role in interior design. It is done by an interior designer to make even the small space to look bigger. Also, it should be comforting. Choosing colors to apply to the walls shows one’s personality and attitude.

And now lighting. Without lighting, it is impossible to achieve our goal – natural lighting or man-made lighting. Lighting, which contributes artistic beauty to the building, is another important key point in Interior Design. Every place in a building, residential and commercial, requires its lighting mood. For example, we use task light for tables and bed lamps. We use accent light to emphasize on some lovely pictures or artwork in our living room. Lastly, ambient or mood light highlights the overall space.

Colors set the mood in a building. One must choose the color according to his/her taste, for colors create a psychological impact on us. Besides, colors settle a calm atmosphere in homes. A well-chosen color applied in a building improves our hygiene and lifestyle. While texture deals with surfaces, patterns go along with colors and bring life to interior design.

Interior Designer

Interior designer is a person who puts his effort to think designs creatively and aesthetically. At the same time, he must fulfill the client’s wishes and meet his special needs.

Interior designer’s task mainly involves space planning, arranging lighting, making use of suitable colors for the specific room, and choosing the right kind of furniture in harmony with the home’s inside space.

Beyond the ability to think creatively, an interior designer should have technical skills so that he can solve any technical issues that can arise while designing. Apart from that, he should have effective communication skills to well present his point of view of the design process and interact with clients to know more about them, their site, usage of the room, etc. Also, he should explain the project process step by step.

An interior designer should be adjustable when alterations and changes occur. He should be understandable and attentive to the client when he makes any changes or differs with the layout plan. Besides, he must possess the vast knowledge in technical side to properly advise or provide consultancy to the clients.

BT Architects and Interior Designers:

BT Architect and Interior Designers have all these qualities and responsibilities. We are qualified and skilled professionals in designing interiors of the buildings. We present plenty of modern and traditional designs. Contact us for attractive and stunning interior designs for your dream home or building.