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Architectural engineering involves various studies of the subject into one discipline. It is also called as Architecture Engineering or Building Engineering. The sustainable, Eco-friendly, and resilient architectural construction aims at greatly improving people’s lifestyle. Activities of architectural engineering consist of civil engineering, structural engineering, MEP design, construction management, etc. It mainly deals with technical aspects that are related to design, planning, and functioning.

The architectural engineering helps ensure that the building is rigid and face any natural calamities like earthquake and so on. Moreover, it helps design HVAC (Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems) and analyses all the systems. The field considers efficiency and other systems such as electrical, plumbing, and fire protection systems. In addition to that, architectural engineering help plan the lighting system in the building. And it conserves not only energy but also efficiency.

Architectural Engineers:

An architectural engineer designs space for clients and users to work and live. He designs them dynamically, applying advanced knowledge. He develops plans for house construction, industries, and other residential and commercial buildings. The important to realize, architectural engineers use scientific knowledge and advanced technology to the building design. Commonly, architectural engineers work with other engineers like structural engineers and architects who emphasize on the aesthetic part of the building.

The important skills of an Architectural Engineer:

An architectural engineer must have analytical skills and techniques so that he has an analytical approach to the designs. Thus, he has to apply analytical methods in finding optimal solutions in the time of emerging technical issues in the field.

Good communication skills are a special need for an architectural engineer. Because he has to interact with the client and express the design process to other engineers, architects, and work providers as well.

Most significantly, he must possess some outstanding design skills to create house, office, and other construction designs uniquely, at the same time, attractively. As a result, he satisfies the client and landowners, not to mention, the passers-by.

He should be able to understand the design steps and know how to position the systems like mechanical. And also, he should know very well how the systems function.

It is obvious that an architectural engineer’s one of the primary skills is technical skills. So, using technical-design software like Building Information Modelling, he has to have this skill to cleverly design the buildings.

Owing to his responsibility for keeping the records of the project which includes cost and material used, he must have managerial skills.

And finally, he needs a set of imagination skills to visualize the house or other structure after completion.

BT Architectural Engineers:

An architectural engineer ensures that design and construction are fascinating while focusing on sustainability, efficiency, and energy conservation.

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