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In the construction field, an architect performs an important role. He is under obligation to bring out the striking and distinctive visual appearance of the building he undertakes. The positive and creative imagination of a talented architect’s architectural design must show up to the public. His literary imagination of a building must be born into the world in reality. In other words, his innovative architectural design should transform from imagination to reality. So, that must be artistically appealing and eye-catching one. The vital key point to remember after architect shows the design to a client, the architect has to inquire the client, who has appointed him, if he has an idea or any other thinking in his mind to expose. Or any other suggestion or opinion of the building he has dreamed of. Then, according to the client’s concept, the architect has to work on. As a result, the building will come out with the attractive visual appearance and the client will be well satisfied. An architect has to take into account the fact that the building he builds is safe and sound.