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Architects do the designing for buildings in which people live. They design plans for buildings related to buying and selling. And they do plans for many other buildings. When it comes to building, an architect plays an important role in designing it. Some building designer must have built every building we see around us. Also, an architect must keep the safety in mind.

Architect Design:

In the field of making buildings and other structures, architects often works on building designs. Because he is in charge for bringing out the building visual look to the public. The building he designs should be attractive in a way that relates to art. It should be an eye-catching one. Moreover, the architect has to inquire the client that he has any idea or thinking about the design. Or any other plans he has in mind to bring about. And accepting the plan or idea the client suggests, the architect has to work on according to the client’s concept. As a result, the landlord will be pleased.

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Responsibilities of Architect:

To satisfy the client, architects should have a clear vision. Also, they should think in a way that produces unusual and original ideas. At the same time, the design which a building designer comes up with should fulfill the needs of the building codes and laws. An architect must have an artistic mind as well as a practical mind in order to produce designs in a skillful way. Before an architect ends a piece of BIM drawing, he must know the needs and wants and his will. An architect must have the perfect vision of bringing the building in a way that looks striking.

A building designer should bring more mixtures of artistic element and originality to the building so that those who take a look at them will be in awe. While working on some client’s land, an architect should keep his mind flexible to change elements in harmony with the client’s dream. Adjustment in building design will be on until both the client and designer will feel satisfied.

An architect carries out a project. That must be neatly as well as properly arranged in order to keep the records: contracts, cost, budget details, data of the project, everyday progress report, and time limit. When it comes to putting the design into action, every now and then the architect has to join structural engineers or civil engineers when technical issues arise.

Architects Discussions:

The architect and client should discuss the project. They have to make the changes if there is any in order to avoid mistakes. It is a vital point to remember that only the detailed discussion paves the way for architects to know and realize the picture the client needs. Another key point, an architect carefully takes note of the dreams and objections of the client to put them into action.