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Styles of elevations in types:


  • Contemporary design.
  • Modern design (combination of contemporary and kerala design)
  • Kerala design.
  • Italian design.
  • Roman design.
  • Chettinad design (Chettinad design is similar to Roman design)

If you want building elevations, the choices are many. Yet, it is vital to first think of all the factors and results before coming to decisive step. What is more, you have to consider the aspects which are beyond the artistic element. But, you must identify the style which enhance your feeling when you are at home.

3D BIM / BIM Elevation:

Always, we are unsure whether our house or the building we build will come as we thought. Once we determine to build a new one, the first thing we have to do is that we should plan and then finalize the elevation design of our house. And then, the elevation of the house gives us the vision of what our home will be like after completion.

House elevation design is the 3 dimensional picture as a home representation in architectural expression. The house elevation shows the exterior features of the house. Also, the house elevations in 3D BIM are visualized just like any other plan in harmony with scale.

Importance of house elevation design:

For an example, you have an idea or thought for your house to build. To come up with a better expression of your idea, firstly, your plans and thoughts have to be aligned. So, for that, absolutely, it is compulsory to develop an elevation design for your home. Making 3D BIM Elevation is the primary step in construction. A 3DĀ  BIM house elevation design helps the construction team by laying the clear and exact specification needed to make a building. In particular, elevations accurately show how your house will look like as viewed from particular angles. Furthermore, there are various types of elevations: Front elevations, rear elevations, side elevations, and split elevations.

BuilDTecH Architects:

Feel the architectural luxury of the designs of BuilDTecH Architects. We have enormous range of designs which you will easily be attracted by. We do space planning, executing various types of elevations such as Contemporary, Modern, Kerala style elevations and more. In addition, we give consultancy on building construction. We perform MEP – Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing and landscape design in such a way that you will never skip over. In like manner, we carry out designs for kitchen, bathroom, bedroom with complete privacy. What is more, we produce designs for interior and exterior.

3D BIM / BIM Elevation:

We recommend accessories that are of great value, for bathroom, kitchen and etc. Our recommend accessories are branded items – irresistible designs, quality without faults and mistakes, quality of being interesting and attractive style. Additionally, they have notable green features such as Eco-friendly products. Under those circumstances, you can feel a soothing and relaxing setting with our recommend accessories.

Make a visit to our website and take a look at and visualize the 3D BIM models which are small amounts of pictures uploaded. And if you want extra striking models and consultancy for your dream home, please, feel free to contact us. The reason for that, we do the designing in harmony with the your ideas and thoughts.