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Space Planning:

House Planning in Karur; Space Planning.

Space planning is a comprehensive detailed examination of how we can utilize space in buildings. It contemplates the purpose of spaces and gives an interesting thought of who will use them. Space planning is a procedure that takes diverse steps. Also, it is an important part of the task of architects and interior designers to bring the aesthetic look.

Space planning gives surety of using space more efficiently. When the task is finished, the outcome will be complete space-plan. Space planning includes utility management, privacy aspects, safety aspects, electrical, plumbing, and ventilation. Also, it contains Vasthu(in India), Manai Addi(in India), furniture layout, door, and even windows within them.

Architects, generally, start space planning by collecting useful information. Before starting a space plan, an interior designer or architect needs to know various things. let us see that below:


The purpose of spaces and buildings, first, needs to be precisely defined: how a dweller uses the space and what purpose. Perhaps, the building is for industrial use, residential, or commercial buildings with various purposes have different space requirements. Another key point, the use of space will help decide what manner it is allocated in. In some places, space can have several functions. Therefore, they might be flexible. House Planning in Karur; Space Planning.

Then spaces will be under consideration of who will use it. Spaces and buildings are for people who own them. So, undoubtedly, the architect or interior designer will have to answer the questions of what way the people are going to use it in. Is it office space, storage space, living space, or work-space? Up to how many people will the space hold?

The architect or interior designer should consider things such as workflow, etc. Moreover, they have to think of how people move through space when doing their task. Finally, after the careful planning on space, an architect or interior designer solves puzzles.

Space planning under consideration:

An architect must think of elements like ventilation and lighting when planning the space. Another essential facet is accessibility. And space planning should be done for elderly and differently-abled people. When space comes to office staff and management, an architect or interior designer should preserve privacy.

After the use and purpose of space are determined exactly, other essentials will be put into action.

Concept design and space planning:

Space planning and concept design take place at the beginning phases of architectural design. In concept design, designers study how the dwellers use the place, and what space should be like. Importantly, it is necessary to make a plan or an image of how space or an area is going to transform into building aesthetically. A plan or picture gives the project team eyesight of what the team should achieve in every part of the design operation. Space planning explores a plan layout. Moreover, it focuses on how objects, spaces, and people will be suitable within a space. House Planning in Karur; Space Planning.

Concept possibilities:

The BuilDTecH Architects and Interior Designers believe in discovering more design process. In other words, we take a lot of time and put our effort to explore every chance for what space or area can transform. We focus on the finest ideas. The BuilDTecH Architects and Interior Designers can accurately and quickly make BIM and 3D model and concept idea. We Make use of BIM software and 3D digital plans in the concept process. Utilizing that, we can bring out construction files with unerring accuracy and higher efficiency.

Aesthetic concepts:

Aesthetics concerns beauty. The aesthetic concept involves designing, planning, creating, building, giving artistic ideas, and executing the construction of different sorts of buildings. And those buildings should be economically viable, functionally efficient, and aesthetically pleasing.

In the design of a building, shape and function are the most vital factors. At the same time, the shape and function should be under aesthetic concepts.

Some of the significant quality of architecture that professionals appreciate are original and unusual thinking and aesthetic appeal.