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Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan:

Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan.

Types of cabinets:

  • Base cabinet.
  • Tall cabinets.
  • Eye level cabinet or wall cabinet.
  • Open type cabinet:
  • Plate cabinet:

When we look at various cabinetry solutions, we will come across with many classified categories. They are such as wall cabinets, tall cabinets, and so many. In this page below, let us take look at all about base cabinets. And the sorts of cabinet storage we can make with them. So, at last, it is time to select cabinets for home, studio room, etc. with The BuilDTecH Architects. Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan.

Base Cabinets:

Kitchen and base bath cabinets offer bulk storage space, as the heavy lifters of cabinetry. First, base cabinets have inside shelving for things such as pans and pots, cleaning supplies or cookware. Similarly, they may have roll trays or pull out racks for stress-free access to items. In addition, they may consist of features such as wastebaskets, recycling bins, and laundry hampers.

Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan:

For additional storage, a Toe-kick drawer may be added to the bottom. If done, a base cabinet will be set on the floor.

In essence, base cabinets make new opportunities all over the home, from the kitchen to the home office to bath or laundry.

Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan:

Availability of base cabinets in types:

In fact, there are lots of types of cabinets available. But here we shall see a few collections generally used in kitchen as well as bath designs. Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan.

Base stress-free access cabinets:

Base stress-free access cabinets are assembled with a middle shelf. In fact, small racks are attached to the inward door for greater convenience to every now and then used items.

Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan:

Base draw out cabinets:

Base draw out cabinets keep every so often used items close at-easy-approaching place on open, small shelves. Moreover, these shelves would be fitted with racks to hold things from tipping over when the shelf is pulled out. Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan.

Double drawer base cabinets: 

Important to realize, double drawer base cabinets help find what you are trying to take without having to dig up to bottom of the shelf.

Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan:

Exposed base cabinet:

Exposed base cabinets are made without having any doors. Moreover, they feature open or exposed shelving for displaying or storing different items.                                                                                                    

Super cabinets:

Super cabinets are the high achievers of the base cabinet class. They are available in plentiful varieties. Plus, these cabinets are set up with flexible draw out shelves and draw out wire racks. Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan.

Kitchen Island:

Build an island more efficient by using open base cabinets. The cabinets should have shelves to keep recipe book. Another key point, it includes base draw out cabinets to store cooking ingredients at easy-approachable way. And add a base Super cabinet to have extra storage space for cookware or pantry items.

Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan:

Trash and recycling:

Generally, we can buy Base cabinets with detachable tubs to keep used materials and trash concealed from sight. Yet, it is easy to discharge.

Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan:

Kitchen convenience:

Have drawer base cabinets to keep anything from pans and pots to table linens. So, you can keep juices and bottled waters on hand in base stress-free cabinets.

Good-looking baths:

Base cabinets help you look your bathroom good and lovely by putting cleaning supplies and soaps out of eyesight. But it is still to approach easily for quick touch-ups.

Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan:

Eye level cabinet or wall cabinet:

Wall-mounted cabinets are the cabinets that are useful for a long period without failing. Thus, it is called workhorses of cabinetry. You will have a large space, than base cabinets, needed for storage in the cabinetry. As a result, it will make the cabinetry perfect for accessing things.

Wall cabinets available in types:

Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan:

There are lots of wall cabinets available in the market. We shall see a few ranges generally used in the home.

Pull-out spice rack:

A pull-out spice cabinet makes an easy way for you to get what you want. So, you can find it simply without delving in the cabinet.

Appliance garage:

In general, an appliance garage provides a smart way to disguise worktop appliances when not in use.

Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan:

Wall stress-free access storage cabinets:

Wall stress-free access storage cabinets consist of shelves. Also, the cabinet includes wire racks. So, both the shelves and the wire racks give the perfect storage for large items as well as small.

Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan:

Electronic lift cabinets:

This type of cabinet doors offers extra convenience for ease of access. With a mere touch, you can open and close the doors.

Wall cabinet uses:

Wall cabinets are more useful than traditional kitchen food storage. First thing to remember, the BuilDTecH Architects here give some of the options to use wall cabinets in your home.

Have bathroom wall cabinets above the sink and base cabinets. For it will add eye-catching upper level storage in a tiny space.

Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan:

Entertainment centers:

Make an entertainment center by using wall cabinets. But it should have a number of interesting features: glass doors for exposing glasses, and open shelves for games and books.

Laundry room storage:

First, have wall cabinets above the dryer and washer to hide supplies and soaps. Second, affix wall cabinets along with open shelves for keeping folded items.


Home office storage:

Have a blend that combines office wall cabinets and swing-out doors, open shelving, and vertical lifters above a table. So, It will make your home more functional and efficient.

Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan:

Tall cabinets:


Tall kitchen cabinets are a portion of many kitchens. This type of cabinets are available up to 8 feet in height. Therefore, we can use this cabinet for utility and pantry storage. Furthermore, it has the ability to hold unwieldy or large items. We can keep bulk food supplies, and brooms and mops.

Tall cabinets available in types:

There are lots of tall cabinet types available in the market. We shall see a few ranges generally used in the homes.

Utility tall cabinets:


Utility tall cabinets differ in design. But they can contain hooks, and shelves. Also, they can have drawers to keep smaller things in a bath, kitchen, and laundry.

Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan:

Microwave and oven cabinets:


Oven cabinets can be bought easily in various structures and different sizes to hold single or double ovens. In addition, these cabinets can hold warming drawers and oven-microwave combination.

Tall pantry pull-out:


You can have all the cooking essentials with tall pantry pull-out cabinets, at your fingertips. For these cabinets have narrow shelves along with racks on every side.

Kitchen Design in Trichy / Kitchen Plan:

Pantry Super cabinet:


The pantry Super-cabinet is the most important one in pantry storage. It keeps essential things easily accessible.

Tall cabinets uses:

The BuilDTecH Architects present a few ways to make use of tall cabinets.


Minimize laundry messiness:

Help the whole family stay organized and neat with a tall cabinet. Installing tall cabinets, you can have the space for coats and bags.


Make the laundry room convenient and pleasant place. Have tall cabinets to frame the dryer and washer for grand look. Affix a utility tall cabinet for detergent, ironing board, soaps and cleaners. Use matching base cabinets to make a folding space. Finally, add a hanging rack for freshly pressed items.

Open type cabinet:

Plate cabinet: