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Kitchen Design in Salem / Kitchen Model.

Truly, today’s modern kitchen is the focal point of the family home. The kitchen is the place where the regular tasks take place apart from cooking. It is where parents spend a good deal of time. Besides that, we spend more money on this particular room and that room is worthy to get special attention.

Kitchen Design in Salem / Kitchen Model:

We, BuilDTecH Architects, hope our designs and performance will be picked up by those who are hunting for an outstanding kitchen and interior design.

Types of Kitchen:

  • Traditional type kitchen.
  • Modular type kitchen.

The kitchen room is purposed to do food preparation. It is where women spend most of the time. Also, it is the place they love to work in. Stove or cooking range has its involvement in the evolution of the kitchen. A kitchen, generally, consists of a stove or range, a sink, refrigerator. And places to keep devices and groceries. Kitchen Design in Salem / Kitchen Model.

Traditional type kitchen:

Traditional type kitchen has an artistic appeal. It resembles to the past. Moreover, we can say that it has come from the past. The interior has curves, fashionable materials for floor, wall, and finishes. This type kitchen looks attractive and elegant. Also, it exposes the feeling of culture and traditionalism.

Modular kitchen:

Modular kitchen combines interconnected cabinets, hardware, and accessories. Interconnection causes all of them work like a large, powerful structure. It is different from standard and separate sections. Another key point, this type kitchen is easy to manufacture. And easy to transport and install. Also, it is easy to re-install and maintain. The aim of modular type kitchen is for particular purposes. Those functions would be drawer section, sink unit, corner, gas cylinder unit, etc. Lastly, this assembled kitchen will be selected in harmony with the will of a person. Kitchen Design in Salem / Kitchen Model.

Studio type kitchen:

In this type, location of the kitchen may be either in a small separate room, or in the central room. For example, have a small place in which you place the range. Both sides to the range, place refrigerator in one side and sink in the other. Above these place the cabinets contained four sections according to the size. Left side to you, have flat shelves (e.g. when you turn left, at the distance the hand stretches forth, set the shelves). You can have flat shelves at three steps. Just behind you, set a small dining table along with two chairs. Finally, have a downlight for this small kitchen.

Kitchen cum Dining:

It is important to allow the space to blend with one another for the perfect merging of kitchen and dining room. It is possible in a small space to design the kitchen alongside the walls. And set the dining table at the center. This design boosts the efficiency in kitchen. At the same time, in a small kitchen, it maximizes the space utilization. In addition, you will not feel cramped. Two various rooms will then coexist as one comfortably and beautifully. Kitchen Design in Salem / Kitchen Model.

Kitchen Design in Salem / Kitchen Model:

This would be extremely beautiful and surprising kitchen cum dining room for the modern couple that loves to cook, eat, and chat together.


The history of kitchen has a long and gradual journey. It is from partly closed fireplace to current cooker. What we learn from this is that countless social changes have taken place. It has happened in the last century. It gives access for yourself alone to arrange, cook, and clear away wastage from the table. (after got through having meals). When comparing modern kitchen with any other ages, the former is much better one.

Kitchen Design in Salem / Kitchen Model:

We know this modern-day kitchen facilities have labor-free feature. These aspects have been made by how to apply devices and gadgets in innovative and technological way. Apart from that, it has been made by pre-washed vegetables and previously prepared meals delivered by supermarket.

Little real revolution has happened in the last few decades in appliances after the microwave cooking was invented. On the other hand, considerably, the design and execution have improved. Among them some have a lot of sophisticated aspects. Today, many give attention greatly to green matters such as usage of Eco-friendly materials and fuel consumption. Kitchen Design in Salem / Kitchen Model.

More adjustments of appliances and cabinets have led to the ability to ‘mix and match’ items from various manufacturers.