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Types of kitchen:

There are many types of kitchen. Now let us see some of the kitchen types. One-wall, Galley, L-Shape, Horseshoe, Island, and Peninsula. These are different types of kitchen we are going to take a look at them.

One-wall kitchen:

Firstly, it is called ‘Pullman kitchen.’ Generally, we can find one wall kitchen in loft spaces or studio. Because it saves the spaces ultimately. Cabinets and domestic devices are fixed on a single wall. Mostly, the latest designs also contain an island.

Space-Saving layout:

One-wall type kitchen saves a lot of space. Because all the appliances are fitted on a single wall. A counter-high table provides an extra work surface.

Island addition:

One-wall kitchen include an island. This island develops the space into a kind of galley style along with a walk-through passage.

Sleek look:

Consider the spacing of the parts of your work triangle and placement when designing a single wall, or one-wall kitchen. Refrigerator, stove/oven, and sink should be under consideration.

Arts and Crafts style:

We can also make the single wall kitchen with a modern-craftsmen feel along with rustic hardware, plain door details, and open shelves.

Double purpose:

The small kitchen functions a double time. Appliances and cabinets should be placed on one side of the room and on the other side the dining area.

Galley type:

Galley type kitchen is perfect for one-cook kitchen and smaller spaces. The Galley kitchen is called a walk-through kitchen. Two flat countertops along with a pathway in between them, or two walls facing each other characterize the galley kitchen. The galley type makes the best use of each square inch of area. And there are no complicated corner cabinets to arrange that can add up to a cabinet budget. When making a galley kitchen, assure that you have sufficient storage and aisle space.

All within reach:

In a galley kitchen, the basin or sink is usually on one side. And on the other side the range is placed.

Fit for outdoor entertaining:

A simple galley kitchen unlocks to the courtyard of home. It makes it easy to cook and serve the food outdoors. In a galley kitchen, one wall which is opened up makes the room for bar-height worktop. So, this worktop lets invitees in on the cooking action.

Kitchen artwork:

We can remove some of the upper cabinets so that the space can be used for artwork. As a result, we can have the feeling of living room in the kitchen also by enlarging the art gallery. This modern art gallery kitchen brings out polyform cabinetry and stainless-steel devices. Also, it presents a glass backsplash which reflect the mood of the people inside the home in the changeable LED light.

L-Shape kitchen:

The L-shape kitchen gives the solution to the problem of enlarging the corner space. In addition, it is smart design for medium and small sized kitchen. The adaptable L-shaped kitchen contains worktops on two adjacent walls which are vertical. Thus, it forms L-shape. You can lengthen the legs of the ‘L’ as long as you want. What is more, you can add up a dining space and various work zones.

This kind of kitchen is usually open enough to seat a small table, making a casual area for family meals. This modern kitchen has both an island with more seating and a table. Usually, an L-shaped kitchen is a smart selection for a smaller kitchen.

An island is suitable addition for entertainment and large counter space if your L-shaped kitchen is sufficiently large to seat. This spacious island of the kitchen with a sink lets the cook face guests when making food.

The L-shaped kitchens are dissimilar to other types of kitchens. It has enough space to receive several people. This kitchen has dual expert-style ranges. And plentiful work space permits two cooks to work at the same time.

Space in kitchen for storage on top:

Not only do the large windows give an adorable view, they also supply natural light to the kitchen. At the same time, they fill up the space which could be used as a storage space. An island with a ceiling-fixed pot rack and shelving solve the problem. Because it adds extra storage spaces for cookware and dishes.

Floor plan:

An entrance-way connects this L-shaped kitchen to the courtyard. So, it opens up the space. Also, it makes us entertain the outdoor easily.

Lightened up:

We can also keep the kitchen airy and light by diminishing the amount or size of cabinets on the walls. Base cabinets and drawers still provide a lot of storage space.

Kitchen with modern flair:

Professional-grade devices and an efficient design make the kitchen be a restaurant. Floors and stone walls support the stainless-steel parts. Apart from that, they keep the space away from feeling cold.


The horseshoe kitchen is also called U-shape kitchen. It has three walls of appliances and cabinets. Nowadays this design has changed from three walls to L-shaped kitchen. An island forms third wall to the L-shaped kitchen.

Design which works with traffic:

An island is added in large kitchen often. The design permits for workflow and traffic flow around the island.

Small but efficient kitchen:

In the horseshoe kitchen, the range, oven, and sink are placed to let the cook easily move from one place to the other. An opening over the stove and two windows keep the space away from feeling closed in.

Outdoor access:

A door which is leading to the courtyard provides the small U-shaped kitchen a more open feel. It takes the benefit of natural light. Also, it makes the outdoor pleasurable.

Open and bright:

Ceilings make this horseshoe kitchen feel airy and spacious. At the same time, large windows flood the space with light. Wide-ranging of cabinet heights avoid artificial ceiling line from separating the vaulted ceiling. And it allows light to flow a lot naturally.

Island kitchen:

Island kitchens are awfully functional. An island kitchen always adds up extra work surface to a kitchen. It can offer a place to prepare food, place to eat, and place to store drinks. The island can turn an L-shaped kitchen into a U-shaped or horseshoe and a one wall kitchen into a galley type kitchen.

Kitchens with Islands:

You can enlarge your kitchen when you have space sufficiently for an island. You can expand your kitchen either through domestic devices, storage, seating or workspace.

Double duty:

The island works as a bar with seating and as a cooking place with a built-in range and prep place.

The island lets the homeowner prepare food on one side. At the same time, the homeowner can entertain the guests sitting on the other side.


Basically, the peninsula kitchen is a connected island. It transforms the kitchen into a horseshoe kitchen. Peninsula kitchen work a lot just like islands. People who do not have space for an island can consider peninsula design. Peninsula provides storage fixed to a wall. The peninsula kitchen often serves as a room separator which divides the kitchen from living room or dining area.

Office area:

The peninsula kitchen has made-up drawers near by the seating area in addition to adding work space for the kitchen. So, it turns the kitchen into possible office space.

Creative design:

We can design a peninsula kitchen dividing the main sink from bar sink. So, it will be creative counter space.