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Kitchen design:

A modern residential kitchen design has usually equipment such as a stove, a refrigerator, and a sink with cold and hot running water. In addition, it contains kitchen cabinets and worktops planned in harmony with a modular design. In some cases, a lot of households have a dishwasher, a microwave oven, and other electric domestic devices.

Colors in kitchen:

The kitchen must draw the taste of many since it is the heart of the home. Ivory, white, yellow, red, blue, green, and gray are all commonly existing colors. We can apply them for walls. And use them as accents as well. However, it is important to identify how to use them when you want to brighten up a particular room in your home.

Elements for designing a kitchen:

There are lots of factors that you need to take into account when you organize to remodel a kitchen or design a new kitchen. The hub of a home is kitchen. So, it is vital to get it right. Or, it is distressing. To remodel a kitchen demands more thought than selecting a few materials and colors.

Firstly, you should realize how important kitchen is. Kitchens should be designed in a way that it will make the person who works in it feel at ease. Really, there is no need of spending more money on a kitchen to look elegant. Things that should necessarily be in a kitchen are flooring, kitchen cabinets, and work surface.

The flooring:

In designing a kitchen, selecting flooring takes an important role. First, think of cleaning, durability, and look. Also, consider comfort when selecting the material for your flooring. For instance, ceramic tiles are easy to clean and also durable. Wood flooring is natural and warm. Virtually, it is good in any space. Yet, it needs more care and upkeep than any other flooring.

Kitchen cabinets:

You need to make your kitchen devices look built-in for an advanced look. Particularly, it is for your refrigerator. Because it takes up the highest place in the kitchen. What is more, a kitchen needs to stock food, small devices, and cookware. So, keep in mind all these things when designing cabinets. Designing a cabinet should be in a way that all the things mentioned above can fit in.

Work surface:

A kitchen design should contain sufficient space for you to do the tasks comfortably. That is when you can complete your daily routine. The length of your worktop depends upon your needs. Anyhow, the main issue is to choose right material. The material you select should be easy to clean and durable.

Budget in designing a kitchen:

You should need to take decision on a maximum cost for the project. And also, you should choose essential elements such as kitchen cabinets, flooring, and counter tops. You have to select these at first before choosing anything else.


There are a lot of varieties for kitchen styles. And you have to have a strong plan of how you would like your kitchen to look. You need to design your kitchen upon the basis of available space in the kitchen. Think about what kind of kitchen would be suitable for the age and style of your home.

To get designs, just contact the BuilDTecH Architects. So, you can find many inspirational designs for your new kitchen or remodeling one. We have attracting ideas for your kitchen. Our designs will request you in order to get some stunning ideas.

Small kitchen ideas:

Certainly, you need to have big ideas to make the best out of small space if you get a small kitchen. Applying white color in kitchen makes a small area look spacious. So, to begin, paint the kitchen walls white color. Darker color for cabinets and furniture will make them look small and shabby. Therefore, light color is suitable for them. That will be good if you fit in all the kitchen devices and items inside the cabinet. As a result, it will make it neater and cleaner. Do not place so much stuffs in the kitchen such as furniture and fittings. BuilDTecH Architects have appealing models for your kitchen. Pick it up and apply at once.

Organizing small kitchen:

There are many things to organize a kitchen. Now let us see a few things.

  • Hang pans and pots somewhere up high.
  • Use pegboard.
  • Build shelves right underneath the ceiling.
  • If you have a lot of glasses and cups, you can setup small shelves.