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The term Universe, must have come from the word ‘unison’. The purpose of every creation on the earth is to act in coordination with nature. Nature has its property of accepting every new thing. And it helps it to be in unison with the universe. Architects have a big charge of creating structures. And the structures stand in harmony with nature. At BuilDTecH Architects, we believe in the unison of every structure designed by us. Buildings designed by us are environment friendly.

We create structures which stand tall in terms of design, architecture and construction. Grace and creativity are the unique selling points of BuilDTecH’s architectural designs. With years of experience blended with young and energetic minds, BuilDTecH has created its niche into the field of architectural design. it has created building design, interior design as well. Commercial architecture is our forte. We understand that space planning is the need of this hour. We provide landscape and garden design services to our prestigious clients.

Space planning is intricate aspect of designing. Interior design when coupled with apt planning of space result in a spacious and very well-designed interior. Our experts work on each aspect of interior design to get the best out of their creativity. Your home is where your heart is. The concept of Vaastu is ingrained in Indian culture. We equip our clients with Vaastu compliant home designs. As a result, they can stay comfortably with positive synergies around.

Residential architecture with Vaastu compliance is in fashion. We cater to every needs of our prestigious clients. Our experts work on each aspect of interior design to get the best out of their creativity. Your home is where your heart is. Building design is an art and science. Each aspect of a building should work in harmony with each other for a flawless construction. Building design is the area of specialization. And we supply our clients with every dimension of building design. Building design is worked on to see whether the depiction of architect’s mind is feasible using engineering techniques.

Once the core is ready, it must be adorned with proper interior. So, it enhances the feel of the building, here steps in the interior designer. Landscape and garden design are the integral part of building design. Architecture is a result of creativity and technique. The technique brings in the grace. At the same time, the creativity brings in the beauty. Around the world, all the buildings standing tall, have their own stories since centuries. The creative hands behind each one of them, are that of an architect’s. Each building has been designed with care, energy and intense planning. BuilDTecH is committed to this beautiful trade of Architecture, building design, interior design, garden and landscape design.

Interior design:

Interior design is the soul of any building. Imagine, a home which is well built. It is not optimized for space. Also, it has clutter in terms of furniture and other fittings. What will it be like? It would take the whole credit of good construction. To prevent this, interior designing is necessary. Interior designing has been an integral part of an architect’s work. In India, Vishwakarma is a god who is regarded as an architect. He is also regarded as interior designer.

The roots of interior design coupled with architecture has been growing since 17th to 18th century. In those days, interior designing was the concern of a homemaker. On the contrary, it grew slowly. And now, professional services for interior designing are undertaken by Architects. Who would know the space constructed better than an architect? We provide interior design, interior decoration, home interior design, residential and commercial interior design services. There is a basic difference in residential and commercial interior design services. Residential interior needs to be done with an apt understanding of residential needs and space. Interior design for commercial complex varies with the area and customer needs. We optimize space with our experience. Along with it, we provide customized interior design with supporting services. Home interior design is a concept. That concept is picking up faster in the market.

People nowadays are interested in working on their home interior. Actually, it was not the case before. Generally, before 10 years, interior was done only for hotels and other commercial spaces. People understand the need of aesthetics. In addition, they like the space to be optimized accordingly. We help them do so. Expertise of our team is the plus point we have. Our elaborate clientele is the testimony of our good work. Experts in the field appreciate our commercial, residential interior design. We are regarded as the most respectable architect in India.


Civil engineering has close ties with structural design and mechanical, electrical and plumbing design. Structural design looks after the overall strength of the structure through reinforcement. The reinforcement needs to be strengthened using concrete. Different shapes, elevations and designs are possible for an architect to design due to the wonder called structural design. Civil engineering is more of a common sense. Every field of civil engineering proves it again and again.

Structural design is one such discipline. It looks after the amount of weight the structure must bear it looks after the amount of weight of the structure that must bear. Based on the load calculation, different structural members such as columns, and beams are designed. In literal sense, the load of building design lies on structural design. Without having suitable and accurate structural analysis and design of the building, one cannot say that it is safe for construction. Our subject matter experts have been in the structural engineering industry for decades. They are the most trusted resources of BuilDTecH for carrying out structural analysis. Every building is incomplete without mechanical, electrical and plumbing design.

We see to that we cater to all the MEP design needs of our clients. Our perfect skill of blending mechanical, electrical and plumbing services gives an edge to us. We see to that we work closely with the client to understand any specific need that they have for MEP and design accordingly. Project Management is our forte. We work closely on the cost time and scope factors of the project. These are integral part of it.

We also see to that we manage all the three in coordination with resources and risks arising while carrying out the project. Working on triple constraint with apt time specific assumptions is an important aspect of our business. As a matter of fact, we are committed to it. We work as Project Management Consultants for renowned clients. We help them execute the project on time, on scope, and on budget. We are preferred over other PMCs because of our in-depth understanding of the architecture, structural and interior design, MEP design, and building design.

Architects and interior designs:

Architecture, a field which changed how the world looks like. Almost all the seven wonders are the creations of an architect. Eiffel tower is a marvel created by Structural engineer Maurice Koechlin and an architect Stephen Sauvestre. Taj mahal was built in Ancient India and needs no introduction. It is one of the architectural marvels in the world. The great wall of china is also one of the most recognized structure for its robustness.

The pyramids of Giza have a huge significance in the list of seven wonders. One thing common in all the above structures is the passion of an architect to create something new. Their passion is what we see through these structures which are standing tall for all these decades. Indian forts, palaces, hawelis and other up-to-date structures are testimony to ancient India’s architectural heritage. All the forts were aesthetically looked after for impeccable interior and space designs.

We are the architects of new India. What is more, we have the capacity to cater to the clientele all over the world. Civil engineers are regarded for their acumen to make things in unison with other construction services. We are proud to be civil engineers working on every aspect of the building. We provide impeccable structural design and services. Also, we are honored to have experienced structural engineers in our team. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work need more attention as the devil lies in detail with this trade.

We have experts who work in accordance with client’s needs. We gather proper needs and work as per client specification to be on time and on scope always. We are the one stop shop for all your needs. Our services include civil engineering, architecture, MEP designing, structural designing, interior decorations, and much more. We do project management at our best. Trust us for all your architectural, engineering, and management needs.

Residential interior design:

Smallest things, sometimes, make the greatest impact. It might be the add-on of a mirror, a painting, a lamp or even a plant. Perhaps, you want to soften your walls. You want to brighten a room. Otherwise, you add some warmth to your living room.

Painting small rooms in softer, brighter colors help make the room feel greater. Little rooms have the tendency to look cramped. But usage of large windows, soft colored walls, and plenty of mirrors reflect the natural light. Besides that, it gives the visual illusion of space. Also, it gives rise to the room to seem bigger than it actually is. In an opposite way, darker colors will make a room look smaller. In darker room, you can fix many windows. You can fit the mirrors more than enough. But, because of the darker color, it will seem to have confined.

The usage of ornamental mirrors adds prompt light to your living space.

As we know, we use mirrors to make a small space look larger. Mirrors will add instant light if we place the mirrors directly from the corner to corner of the windows. In addition, we can use the mirrors that please to the eye instead of art to fill up unfilled wall space. Finally, mirrors add up light and dimension to your living space whether it is large or small

Now let us mix up the patterns and textures. You just place your family heirlooms by your modern-day couch. The manner of how you decorate your home will tell you who you are. Also, it reveals your character and your style. It is the most vital part to beautifying your home. The heirloom that sits by your side tells the story of your past. Varied colors and designs will bring friendliness into your living room.

When making a building, interior design is one of the vital part. Today we have various kinds of buildings and numerous designs. Designing inside of your home concerns about how your home will look like. Besides that, it lays more emphasis on creating the space functional. Interior design is beautifying your home with some rich fittings. As a result, it gives a luxury look. It will create your home look complete utilizing the space in good form. A home that has a good interior design looks handier. In addition, your home becomes lovely and livable. A inside design should be in the way every person has to feel its splendor. Now let us see residential interior design.

Building structures have to fulfill needs of the people. Also, it has to be safe and sound. When it comes to inside part, it should be eye-catching. Otherwise, nobody is going to spend on that building, though it is the greatest building. Central part of an architecture is interior design. Architects focus on making interior spaces. So, these spaces make the building functional. At the same time, it will be artistically appealing. Different kinds of buildings show that we have various kinds of interior design. In architecture, designers’ biggest ground is residential design. It is actually inside spaces in which people live. Residential design adds in houses, apartments, and so on. Where the people dwell, there needs interior design.

A housing designer’s main focus is forming a livable space. What its meaning is that housing designs need to be usable and relaxing. Residential design’s focus is on smaller groups. And also, it focuses on more relaxed settings.

Importance of residential interior design:

Interior design helps learn more about spaces in the home. It supports people to discover the inside facilities. Interior design converts an ordinary space into an astonishing space and amazing space. Also, it offers comfort. A stunning design can change the life style. In addition, it lessens your stress.

Commercial interior design:

Commercial interior design inserts value to a business-related space or building. Basically, it improves the space for the people who use it. It refers to interior design in business-related spaces. Business spaces consists of offices, selling stores, restaurants, entrance hall, and other public places. Designers work to add furniture and styles to meet the unique design goals. Appealing commercial spaces to latent clients is a positive point. This is notably essential in retail spaces. Some designs are to charm shoppers.

A well-planned and designed shops may attract many customers. It gets many people to pass into the store. Also, it changes their mind to spend more time in the shop. A designer is in charge for taking care of a client’s needs. And he should work within a reasonable cost to complete the job. Also, designers can make 3D models to help clients dream of the space.

Space Planning in Interior Design:

Space planning is a basic part of the interior design activity. It begins with a great detail of study of how the space is to be treated. Then, the designer draws up 3D BIM plan. That plan describes the areas of the space. Also, it outlines the events that will happen in those areas. In addition, the space plan will describe the circulation patterns. These patterns show how people will pass through the space. Finally, the plan has its finishing by adding fine points of all the furniture, apparatus and hardware location.

How to layout your room:

Before planning, study the structure of the room and know what the focal points are. Study the space in terms of volume. Make sure that you avoid to overfill the space.

The circulation hallway through a room goes along with an easy and efficient pathway from the door to all the other main areas. Plan to place the furniture in apt place at first. So, you will have the best possible plan of how furniture and fittings will do their parts. Many untidy objects close down space. To avoid blocking both movement and the observed size of a room, you should alter them.

When it comes to big or long spaces, divide up various activity spaces. As a result, you give meaning to every part of the room.