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Architecture of the united states:

Structural design of the United States clearly shows a broad variety of building styles. It reveals built forms over country’s history. It showed it over four centuries of freedom and former Spanish and British rule. Building style is as very different as its multicultural society in the United States. Many inner and outer reasons have shaped the building styles. Area differences have formed it as well. As a whole it speaks for a rich wide-ranging and new habit.

Important of architecture to society:

Have you ever wondered why architecture is so important for the society we live in? Architecture is the art that provide us the physical setting we live in. It is a deep expression of human culture in a particular age. It will stand for a long time and outlive us in forms of memorials. By this reason, future generation will study and strive to understand. All these speak for a great force in our society. Building style is a form of visual art that creates fixed works. Humans value this art so much. Because it is a stable look of society values and desires in a fixed point in time. And ways of thinking, perfect things, set of beliefs and many other things are also the reasons as well. It is like a reflection in the mirror. The society sees itself as well as the outdoor settings, nature and this world.

Structural design can really serve us a little time capsule of human record. It reveals us human thoughts, ideas, perfect things, even our fears and worries. One powerful piece of art lies ahead of us. We remain still, watching it in awe. So, there can reflect all human emotions and thoughts in it. It shows our culture, who we are and where we belong within the society.

 Part art part science

      As we most likely know, architecture is part art and part science. Being an art, it provides us an outlet for creative expression. It allows the society to view, create and shape their location and living space differently. Being a knowledge, structural plans also cover our practical needs. It offers us living space and background that is useful and restful.

Perfectly, experts must always join the works equally in their building design. And they have to follow good-looking aspects as well. The limits of design are constantly growing thanks to new talents. There can make new wonders every day. Sadly, many designers have avoided artistic of their work over functionality.

Role of architecture today:

What is the role of architecture’s in society this day? Now the condition is not different as it was never before. Designers either reply to their society with their work or they shape it. They control the setting. Many planners are today fighting for better and cleaner world. Fifteen years ago, they had found a green movement. And it fights to save the earth so that it can save human culture. Their approach supported for protecting our earth. So, it is not for destroying it for our needs.