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Lighting Design – Decorative lighting brings out the feel of texture and the shape of objects. Lighting, mainly, consists of two light sources. First one is light fixtures and lamps. The second one, natural light by catching the daylight. And it must be remembered that interior decorating is a necessary element. Typically, installing lighting inside the building gets done by light fixtures.

Lighting design

There are easy ways to make space look light and lively. People have, basically, functional and decorative lighting. There are three kinds of lighting design. First: general lighting. Second: task lighting, and third: accent lighting. Under the mixture of these lighting settings, we accomplish the decorative lighting.

Lights, fundamentally, create a confident and optimistic mood. We use different lights in different places. According to the purpose and function of the room, we set the lighting. For example, in offices, we can use flat and functional lighting; it sets people on the alert.

Make focal points with pendants and chandeliers. To illustrate, a chandelier located over a table in a dining room attracts our interest with its soft upward-spread light. Conversely, a pendant light placed over a table spreads a focused light down and out.

You should consider where, what, and when events happen, to create a lighting design. There is a need for lighting to vary its power to provide a range of events which take place in a single room.

Various Lighting Designs


General lighting is also called ambient lighting. It gives overall light to a room. It is to create a lighting level evenly all over the space. Commonly, in every home, when a person gets into a room and switches on the light, general lighting provides light to a certain space. It takes many forms, recessed fixtures or ceiling-mounted which focuses light downwards; floor-lamp torches or wall light fittings which cover the walls with much light. And soffit, cove, and valance lighting bounce light off roofs or ceilings and walls.


Aimed at a specific area of a room, task lighting is to shed light on a particular purpose. Space of a home which needs task lighting contains kitchen counters. It includes seating areas of the living room where the reading activity will occur and on desk surfaces of a home office where paperwork and filing will get done. Also, task light casts task light for counter-tops and cabinets in a kitchen. Often, we use a table lamp for task lighting in a living room to read without interrupt.


Accent lighting is also called as highlighting. It attracts attention to a specific item such as plants, artwork, and sculpture. We use accent lighting for outdoors to point out a beautiful plant, tree, or water feature. So, it draws the eye to a specific place of the scenario.

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