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Plumbing Engineering – The plumbing system supplies the water into a building for drinking and other purposes. And it disposes the wastewater and human wastage outside the house, in particular, to the septic tank. The modern plumbing system consists of hot and cold-water circulation, wastage removal, rainwater drainage, and gas supply. Commonly, in plumbing, we use pipes and taps, plumbing fixtures, tanks, valves, and other equipment for the circulation of fluids and gases.

Mainly, the plumbing system is done in a house or a building to avoid diseases such as typhoid fever and dysentery. By putting in a good plumbing system in the buildings, we improve people’s health and safety.

Our accomplishment:

Plumbing Engineering – The plumbing system has been evolved gradually. For decades, we avail every apparatus we need for domestic and public plumbing. Let’s make them work with BT Architects and take advantage of every one of their designs.

We accomplish our chief purposes by supplying good quality drinking water in sufficient quantity through precise calculation. By thoroughly removing solid and liquid wastage through the proper connection to the septic tank. And by properly installing maintenance-free plumbing apparatuses.

BT Architects make plumbing arrangements highly effective. Important to realize, we achieve our highly-priority goals by serving well to the clients. Anyone can explore our designs and plans of the plumbing system to set up one of the designs in your home or building. Most importantly, our designs have every luxury in themselves.

Plumbing Engineering – Plumbing inlets:

Plumbing Engineering – Drinking water supplies to the residential or commercial building must be even in pressure in all the taps. Also, the drinking water must be safely supplied at all times through the well-designed pipes. The reason is that the water should not be contaminated by leakage or blockage. To avoid that, a building must have properly installed plumbing which is officially permitted. By the good plumbing system in a building, one can improve his hygiene. Besides, a good piping system can contribute to people’s well-being. To the amazement of the user, a well-designed plumbing system offers enjoyment and comfort to the householder.

Hot water tanks should be set up in an area that allows ventilation to avoid the explosion or similar dangers. Another key point, every area such as water closet, toilet fixtures, washbasins, etc, should have ventilation as well as the proper lighting system.

Plumbing Engineering – Plumbing outlets:

Plumbing Engineering – When it comes to the sewage system, it must contain disposal facilities and transport sanitary wastage properly. Liquid and solid wastes should be removed immediately. Properly installed plumbing system, connecting the pipes from the sewage area to septic tank, helps remove it from the human contact. Thus, it avoids awful nuisance. Furthermore, the drainage system should be so designed as to clean the solid and liquid wastes thoroughly, not clogging in the pipes.

BT Architects and Plumbing Engineers:

Plumbing Engineering – Plumbing engineers and designers, who have gained technical knowledge in plumbing from professional education and good practice, design the plan in a way that carries out the long-term maintenance. And avoids leakage, blockage, and wastage in the piping system. BT Plumbing Engineers are well-plumbing-designers to the core. Accordingly, we bring out our best in the construction field. Moreover, we put our extensive expertise in designing the plumbing system of the buildings concerning health and safety measures. Significantly, BT Architects have a pragmatic approach to solve any issues that arise when installing new plumbing. Also, we do plumbing-design consultancy.