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Interior designers plan the inside space of a house to make them more attractive. At the same time, the house would stand safe. On the whole, they decide where to apply things, such as colors, decorative items, lighting, and other materials. They must know software like BIM to be able to make plans and edit according to the clients. Then, all these planning, designing, and alterations have to be under the conditions of building codes and rules. 

It has been applied.

Obligations of interior designer:

  • At first, a designer seeks for new tasks. Once he gets a task to work for a client on his house, he carries out a project.
  • He interacts with the client to know better about his ideas and plans. And then, he makes prior designs to show to the client.
  • After the client agrees to the design, the designer,  he fixes everything. Then, he goes to meet the needs of the project.
  • The designer visits the work[lace. He studies the space carefully to get a vision of the space. He knows what space will be used for. How people will make their moves through space.
  • He takes notes the client’s ideas and plans. In harmony with the notes, he works designing a house by BIM 3D Software. Thus, he fulfills the client’s dreams.
  • A client can know the details and process being at home or anywhere else through the access of laptop, tab, or mobile phone.
  • The designer then clearly and exactly mentions furnishings and materials such as furniture, lighting, flooring, wall finishes, and plumbing fixtures.
  • He fixes the timeline of the project and estimates the cost. He gives an order for materials.
  • To ensure that workers do, as stated by the plan, correctly and safely, he visits the workplace from time to time.
  • He oversees the building when it is being built. And arranges clear and detailed descriptions for general work-providers to carry out the plan.
  • Then, he often visits the workplace to make sure the work is in the proper process.
  • At last, the Interior Designer takes a final visit after the completion of the project to be sure the client is well satisfied.


Interior designers closely work with the building designer, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineers. so, they can take a final choice on how spaces will look, function, and be furnished. Designers know BIM software. Also, they should know about building codes and rules.

At present, the technology has grown up to the peak. We BuilDTecH Architects, produce designs making use of BIM. We use it all through the design process to create a three-dimensional image. The image contains building parts such as roofs or walls.


The BuilDTecH Architects and Interior Designers firm does all sorts of tasks. We produce designs for all types of buildings such as building for people to live in and buildings related to buying and selling. Hotels, hospitals, and many other building designs. Also, we do designs for kitchen, bathroom, studio room, living room, bedroom, etc.

Plus, we can take on the task of repairing and improving old buildings. We support customers to choose furnishings and materials by providing design services. For further help, contact us.