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Architects do the designing for residential, commercial, and many other buildings. When it comes to building, an architect plays an important role in designing it. Every building we see around us has been designed by some architect. An architect has to consider safety as well.

Architects Design:

In construction fields, an architect performs an important role. He has to take responsibility for building visual appearance. And then the building shows up to the public. An architect designs a building. That should be artistically appealing. It should be an eye-catching one. Moreover, the architect has to ask the client who has appointed him if he has an idea or any other plan he has in his mind to expose. Or any other thinking of the building he has dreamed of. Then, according to the client’s concept, the architect has to work on. As a result, the building client who has appointed a particular architect will be attracted.


To satisfy the client, architects have a clear vision and think creatively. At the same time, the design the architects come up with should be under consideration of building laws and regulations. An architect has an artistic mind as well as a functional mind to produce designs cleverly. Before an architect concludes his design for a certain client, he has to know the needs and wants of the client.

The architect makes use of vision and creative ideas to satisfy the client. But the design evolved by the architects has to satisfy with the building laws and the regulations of the state. Architects design buildings. The design will satisfy the client. So, an architect brings more mixtures of artistic element and originality to the building. According to the client’s idea, an architect may modify the creative elements and other plans on the building, until both the architect and client feel satisfied.

The architect carries out a project. That must be neatly as well as properly arranged to keep the records: contracts, cost and budget details, information of the project, everyday progress report, and time limit.

When it comes to implementation of the design into reality, often the architects have to join structural engineers or civil engineers under the circumstances of technical issues.

Conclusion: Architects Discussions:

The architect and client should discuss any project or any changes in the design to avoid mistakes. Point to remember, through a considerable discussion, an architect understands the requirement the client lays down. Another key point, an architect takes note carefully the dreams and objections of the client.